Monday, October 22, 2007


Hole - Malibu

So what did they do, run her through the full body sandblaster?
Very topical, btw.
I think an appropriate song would be her "go on take everything!" song she does.

Any chance DIS gets a nice goose from the AAPL craze. I one owned both AAPL an dDIS when DIS picked up Pixar, but just could not hold onto DIS through the churn. But today resulted in a nice fucking reversal bar (long) off the 200 ema with a sweet looking reverse head and shoulders (at least that's what my chicken bones and dice tell me). Oh yeah, the fundies look very solid for those of you into that shit.
Hey does anyone think that was Erin from CNBC?
jakegint -

Don't know if I tald you to fuck off in the past and you think I am an asswhipe, but I put that all aside today. You have made me laugh out loud more than once today. Too fucking fresh.
Alex Tokman should get together with the CEO of BP and turn each others tongue brown. Fucking gay gay gay. Oh well fuck you shorts your fucking dead, atleast in Tech. Your going to get you fucking balls sliced clean off in the morning. Q's are gapping higher and I saw Rick Santelli smashing his umbrella Britney style when he was coming out of the Merc today so I know tomorrow will be an up day. My top picks: Short X and long JCG and EMC. Off to put a camera on my ass that detects Alex Tokman should he sneak up on me.
After post thought: Those faggots singing the Viagra viva shit are cornholing salad tossers. Carry on.
never liked that particular ho(le) .. strictly a poseur imo .. liked her hubby tho.. but he wanted to join his hero, jimi, in immortality .. never to grow old .. always remain young & beautiful & hip
You're fucking gay
No, MVIS is gay, no?
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