Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hot News Alert: Dunkin' Donuts has new cups/ Magic

I just got back from Dunkin' Donuts and "The Fly" is quite pleased. I ordered that new pumpkin latte shit (I tell people it's hot hot black coffee); and much to my surprise, the Dunkin' fucker served it in a "Starbucks-like" cup.

This, as you know, will enable "The Fly" to keep his Dunkin' coffee (cup and all), without fear of being mistaken as poor (poor people are rumored to like Dunkin' Donuts coffee).

Aside from that, I am working with my new magician, in order to get the share price of XFML higher. He's doing all type of shit with smoke, candles and ouija boards.

Within the market, I'm back to making cash bricks, with gains in BWLD, HANS, AAPL, RIMM, MVIS, GMXR, WBD, FTK, NYX and GME.

Back to 'work.'

NOTE: FUQI came public.

Are we sweating this Hansen downgrade? Or is that guy a sizzlechest?
Keep a close watch on CVI. I will try to get some more scoop on the company. They have a little office here right across from ours out in Sugar Land, TX. When I get some better scoop I will let you know. I hate IPO's so I am staying away, for now. When the crack spread starts to look interesting in Jan-Feb I will pick some up.
Sugar Land: home of fucktarded oil drillers.

Fuck the HANS downgrade. HANS to $70.
I would highly recommend people pick up JCG here. I went to the Michigan Ave store this week and my god it was on fire. Plus they have a lot of non-gay shit that people will really like. Buying more here.
Next you'll be telling us there's non-gay crap at Abercrombie, too.


Bring on the radioactive magic space donkey!!
Speaking of non-gay Christmas retail stocks... what do we think of geek store SHRP right now?

That was some collection they pulled off on the 18th of October.
What do you think of FCX before earnings? I've held this one since 65, but, with the metals looking like they are topping out, should I cash in before earnings?
---- Fly,

My stomach hurts and I think I need to go to the bathroom. Should I go take a shit ? ------
thanks for the hot hot reference. legend. i am part of your story. you will never forget me.
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