Friday, October 26, 2007


How 'bout a mid-day conference call?

Click here to access the wonderful world of Mozilo.


This call is a fucking mess.


Technical difficulties.

Odd no?
Mozilo's doing the call while lying in his tanning bed, shareholder paid for, of course.
Do you hear humming in the background? You know that buzzing sound caused by heat lamnps?
Just in case ya'll are following along with the "fuck woodshedder with Fly's pineapple coffin" game, I have bought more VDSI at these levels.
What kind of patents do they have?
Could it go to 0
KC, that is obviously the problem. No patents.
From a pure IT point of view VDSI is a piece of shit product. Don't know anything about the stock but I can tell you I have been in the IT security space for 7 years and they suck cock. Almost as gay as MVIS today. Again stock wise I can't tell you shit, only about the products.
Countrywide CFO Mr. Eric P. Sieracki: Earnings were negative $2.85 a share including Mr. Mozilo's tanning bed expenses. Excluding tanning bed expenses, earnings were 5 cents a share.
We don't believe the crisis in the capital markets are affecting the tanning bed.

"..... Moving forward, we continue to believe these tanning bed expenses will help boost the companies bottom line as it opens up more areas for growth."

Gapping, the US has never been a big fan of their products. Overseas, they are obviously popular. Maybe the overseas fuckers are just stupid.

I'm not sure they target the IT market as much as personal banking. However, I could be wrong. This was just supposed to be a trade. Its been a while since I did extensive research. It doesn't matter though. The stock is being flushed.
NOTE: Should the market trade lower today, I'm going in the pineapple.
BWLD up $2.25, fuck that analyst. He needs to be propped up on fly's pineapple stem.
I say MSFT finishes with a 33 on it.
This comment has been removed by the author.
MVIS downgraded from "gay" to "transexual pedophile".
Any of you daytraders take my PMI reco? If so I am looking to raise my stop to 17.25 should it get there. Looks like a big buyer just stepped in.
As I typed that it hit 17.25 for a $1.21 gain for me. Thanks for playing, this day trading game ain't that hard when you got the time. Note I hear rumblings on XFML.
Boomer-You should take your BOOM profits and buy the Predators and move them to Gatlinburg. I read in the Nashville paper they were for sale.
Good or bad rumblings?

DJ Newswire published a hatchet job on VDSI yesterday. It must be a slow news day because they put the same article on the wires again today.
China isn't done by a long stretch. It's just all the fucktard momo daytraders are periodically going to be carried out on a stretcher, and then we go higher. That's how this game works. New highs and piles of fucking losses for retard margined up day gamblers.
caddy - funny. hockey in nashville is a joke. its got the rhinestone acts playing between periods...silly dances.

hey i like that: rhinestone patina (TM)
Flipped PMI to the short side at 17.02. The tan may wear off in the afternoon.

Good rumblings on numbers.
[Joe Mantagna in any Mamet play/movie]

And do you know what else?

And do you know what else?

VDSI and BRUD are like mosquitoes to me today.

Mosquitoes to me.

That is "what else."

[/Joe Mantagna in any Mamet play/movie]
HRS & MELI look decent
Thanks maggot.
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