Monday, October 22, 2007


**** is gay

You fill in the blanks.

DT's blog
Bert and Ernie
that would be ARE gay

Let me restate...either bert or ernie...
MVIS and Dinosaur Trader, two queers.

Straighten MVIS out man.
CNBC - and Willie Randolph of course.
Willie Randolph is more than 4 ****.
Has to be HANS
WTF? Does MVIS mgmt. have their head up their asses?
100% of their retirement palladium investors & knobpolishers

not that theres anything wrong with that
Looks like Tokeman got a salary boost. Interesting.
You guys don't like down stocks?

Bunch of pussies.
Sooo MVIS. possibly a good time for a buy.
MVIS has no robster inside of it.

Odd no?

Jog on.

It's only green paper with stupid faces on it.
MVIS mgmt:

"Well, the stock has had a pretty good run during that past twelve months. Maybe it's time for us to sit back, relax, and play Halo 3 for the rest of the year. We deserve it. And come to think of it, it seems to me that a little boost in executive compensation is in order."
well, im going to let mvis run its course. losing money comes natural to me. if i can lose 160k in 45 minutes and not lose sleep over it, ill be alright.


You're a good man.
i mean, what the hell, im young, its my job to fuck girls, not worry about a bunch of numbers. ill check back in january.

CNBC showing these fires not to be negative but to boost housing, Am I Right! KBH is up over $1 today, Thank you Sue Herrera.
I've also got a 22 month old who's just now decided that trains, specifically Thomas the Tank Engine and his lot, are the greatest thing since coke went to crack.

So I'm in Toys R. Us over the weekend and noted that there was a "female" Thomas the Tank engine train in the display case. One out of all of them, far as I could tell.

Her name was "MaVIS."

Not as good as Boomer's dream, but thought "a sign," nonetheless.
Mavis, huh?

It's a sign.

Shit, I should be buying more.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorry, wrong image for some reason.

Here's MaVIS.
Gotta love the "product info" on MaVIS:

A feisty young diesel engine who works at the quarry. She is full of her own ideas and doesn't take kindly to advice. She has a lot to learn about trucks but with Toby's help, she is learning to be a Really Useful Engine! Compatible with BRIO, Lionel Express Track, T.C. Timber and most other wooden railway systems. Approx. 3.75" long.

Toby Tokeman??

And look, Steve -- you can cut her and half and measure your prong!
Jakes "Life Partner".
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