Monday, October 01, 2007


John Coltrane - My Favorite Things

from gangsta rap to Coltrane
A new high and Coltrane....well played Fly. Old school goodies....saw Wynton Marsalis last week and it was better than a 2" ribeye with a delicious cab...almost as good as iiG.
Wynton gives good show .. a consummate pro
I just wanted to thank you for running this blog. Your entertaining and at the same time provide great insight into the market. Props to you.
ditto that. I've been reading your blog for about 8 months and I hope you continue for many, many years... for our sake anyway, if not yours.
Props to Fly! Zombie would say, "Fly is god."
Yes, huzzahs all around. Great mix of info and entertainment. Verily.

Better than Cramer in that aspect, and that is not a backhanded compliment. Edgy, is good. You could do a tube show, but it would have to be on Skinamax.


Wynton fans... he scored that latest Ken Burns documentary, which I'm told is very good.
I caught one of the WWII episodes (Ken Burns) on the local PBS last night and thought it was very good with the personal accounts. I am going to look for the others to watch.
By the way Jake I shorted GDX (gold ETF) and GG just before the close today. Strictly a swing trade although I am beginning to think we could have a good dollar bounce as other economies around the world slow down.
Wow. "The Fly" is God.

Perhaps we should call him beelzebub - or The Lord of the Flies

From Wiki...

[edit] Religious meaning
Ba‘al Zebûb might mean 'Lord of Zebûb', referring to an unknown place called Zebûb, or 'Lord of things that fly' (zebûb being a Hebrew collective noun for 'fly', thus the common lay translation 'Lord of the Flies').
How about we call you asshat?
You're a bit cranky tonight...

Pissed off cuz no second season in baseball for the Mets?

If ERTS gains another 10 points, I deserve another guest blogging spot.

I lightened on SLW today, as my man Gary Savage tells me the $XAU has had at least an 8% drawdown (all the way to 20+%) at this time of year (October-November) before troughing and taking off for an average of 20% trough to peak gain to the end of the year. This has actually happened 17 years in a row, according to Gary's research. That dude is full of interesting little factoids.

In any case, I pointed out to him that we already had a 24% drop in the 24 days between July 23rd and August 16th this year, so perhaps we've already had our drop.

In my opinion, probably not, though. The PM's are a bit stretched right here, and I agree the dollar is due for at least a deceased feline rebound. I'm not selling any of my long term positions, but I did lighten up on my shorter term trades (which, happily, were quite green, so no pain).
There goes MCHX. Also what about TCX...
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