Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Key Reversal

Fuck you Tom Au.

Great video, Fly. I'd love to see a chain reaction with Fleck, Kass, Oww!, Herbie and all of the bearshitters kicked down the stairs like a pile of dominoes
Tom Au of Dow dropping 50%?

That same Tom Ouch?
i own the copyright to that video, if you remember it was posted in a mashup on my tier 1 blog back in the day.

fuck you, pay me.
Come on Bulls, one more leg to get into green!
There's a green dow. Next up, S&P.
The "backflip gone wrong" vid that previews after you've viewed this one is awesome if you enjoy watching a guy get a face full of concreate.
This is fun, get drunk and buy stocks when the market sucks!

works every time!
i was drinking all morning, chasing shots & tossing market orders out there .. then I passed out in my own vomit, woke up two hours later surrounded by bags of money
I'm trying my hardest to remain patient in fear of catching a falling knife to the throat, but JCG is looking mighty enticing at these levels...
JCG is totally gay. you see their website? they have some mountain goat herding clothes promo on the front. winning strategy indeed.

UA is the only clothing play worth buying right now.
Just took a few more shots of patron, I will hold my position of VMW through earnings.
"Trading while drunk"

Makes for a great blog.
I bet that shortdabull is Ragin.

Just saying...
I always thought shortdabull was broker A.

just saying
Nah, Broker A would never open a two-bit web site and then let it twist in the wind, mocking him like a big pimple on the end of his nose.
Fly, you'd never start a website and then let it go to shit, would ya?
shedder, you still have your day job? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!
I'm not shortdabull; I'm Howard.

Damn, that fucked me up. Who are you?
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