Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Late Day Thought

Apparently, hard core communism is more profitable, for investors, than tepid democracy.

Did Fly join the china party too late, or will there be a 2nd wind taking them higher?
It's certainly more.... malleable.
My guess is that there will be a 2nd wind.

Look for yet another credit card financed buying frenzy from "shina's" housewife day trader class.
It's been said before but I'll say it again, this party aint over till after the Orympics.

We all need to remind ourselves that Fly has a time machine, thus giving him an "unfair" advantage over the rest of us internets.

All he needs to do is go back in time and threaten to punch the mustaches (fu manchus) off the communist party leaders to get them to reset the ChiCom ATMs to "Start".
Jake, BRUD .25eps and +25% sales growth
Hmmm. you may have a point with the olympics thang...aug 2008, eh?

Unless it's sell the news of course...sell all by July?
By the way, a little digging on that Robert shu dude.

Has recd:


Many doing quite well.

Still like the possibilities of XFML with the olympics and new Clinton connection. That guy could sell more make-up to a whore. ANd a grocery bagging billionaire couldnt hurt either.

ANd I do like the idea of EJ, tho I sold to get in on a pullback. That could be like getting in on the ground floor of Remax or Century 21...I think it's the only China real estate stock there is?
More China: A pharm

Lets look at AOB. Cash flow king. expected 50% y/y rev increase.


ANd this one is sctually not in the P/E stratoshphere at 19/1.

Looks pretty good!
WOW. Check out the margins for AOB!

Gross profit in the second quarter of 2007 increased 61.2% to $23.7 million from $14.7 million in the second quarter of 2006. Gross profit margin increased 550 basis points to a record 69.9% from 64.4% in the prior year's period. The increase in gross profit was a result of increased sales of OTC products, which carry higher margins, and improved operating efficiencies across all business segments.

I think it may have been held back by that little drug problem in the news ahile back---the one where they sentenced the guy to DEATH!

This one looks better and better.

Cmon Mr Fry, We in or what?

I've been in AOB for a while. I stumbled onto it while researching a client company in a similar biz here in the US.

I rike it!

Any idea why it hasnt skied like the rest of em? It seems an actual chinese VALUE stock at 19/1. And I think that is TRAILING p/e
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