Monday, October 22, 2007


Late Day Thought

Everyone is bullish, because the market is going higher, bitch.

Najarian may be the biggest asshat alive. Why haven't you awarded him one Fly?
Look up fly, we've got imbalances...
I kind of like Najarian, with his ignorant steamship ways.

Plus, I ran out of Asshat Trophies.

You didn't think it was a joke, did you?

I really send those shits out.
Haven't spoke with you lately - Fly
I have been purchasing MVIS as it is being depressed by the old warrant holders trying to unload 3 million shares. you probably know that I haven't read your site since the children here got cocky.

Let's see - I'll set my watch

your friend, peachin
fuck the naysayers sitting in their underwear in front of their desktops int heir dingy shithole apartments trying to catch the top. They read Fleck and Kass, but they don't have a fucking clue cause they never stepped outside. Here's to a nice steak and robster dinner, Fly. Ad a beautiful 1st growth bordeaux, motherfuckers.
God loves Harry the Horse.
Najarian--- to many NFL kickoffs.

I'm giving Fox Biz a few weeks- they have a different look and feel for the news.
Najarian can't have more than a 10% success rate on all of his asshat "option seeker tells". The guy was a lousy linebacker and even worse trader. And get Art Cashin into Sunrise Living.
I like Najarian as well .. I think he is quite sharp despite numerous head on collisions with 200+ lb linebackers at full speed
You ever met a poor Armenian?

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