Friday, October 26, 2007


Late Day Thought

"Boomer" played BOOM like a space alien magician.

NOTE: If "The Fly" was a nice guy, he'd say "nice job," but he's not.

Off to count my gold bricks.

XFML shaping up nicely this afternoon.
XFML to the moon and back.
CFC is on fire. Doug Kass getting his fudge packed.
kudos to boom-boom

on another note : last 2 days, I go out 2 hours, come back, the markets getting trashed, today, up to new highs ... what a market!

the casino is open for business - place your bets
CFC will still be turning the corner in Jan 2009.
Kass better remember to take his blood pressure medication today. His BP might be the only thing making new highs today in his fucking life. fleck and Herbie too.
Gone-off to Greensboro,NC (Forest Oaks GC) to watch my son tee it up in an NCAA tournament. Make lots of $$$.
I love the pig in the python comment.
Mozilo - "give us an idea how big that python is"
no worries over the professional short sellers .. they've been doing this for 20 years ...they are among the few surviving pro short sellers out there .. they're used to this & know how to react & deal
PMI going for broke on the shorts!
and JCG is melting fingernails
so they say, Bruce. what a miserable fucking existence - to spend the last 20 years shorting into a raging secular bull market. They can go fuck themselves, the whole lot of them.
AEO growing pubic hair.
YHOO, BOOM, and SAM...
I want to hear some biscuit and peach jelly
stories this weekend from Mr.Boom himself.

I bot AEO this morning. '08 estimates gotta come down, but it's cheap even if '08 estimates come down 20%.

Plus, Shottenstein bot $25 million at about $24/share. As they say about insider transactions: Lots of reasons why they might sell but there's only one reason why they buy.
wif is up with YHOO?
Shorts are by the balls, I am pressing them hard now as much as I can. PMI just slicing sacks off.
the new Ali IPO is helping YHOO.
Broker - thanks for the nod. Very fancy of you.

I still think there is 10pts upside to BOOM.
I hear ya Harry Horsefukker ... tough way to make a living , but someones gots to do it . They are better men than me. I love the short side and a winning short is more satisfying for the ego, but its way easier & more lucrative going long.
yhoo gonna get some new msft currency.

bill and steve got long balls
The chick filling in for Erin on Street Signs looks like Michael J Fox's girlfriend from 'Secret of My Success'.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Couldn't find this for my last post about the PM's.

Many of the best PM stocks are Canuckistanian, so Thank you very much, Uncle Fucker!

I see you also have a postion in BIOS.

I initially started out with a small postion but it has become an overweighted position based on its performance.

Received two analyst Buy ratings with identical 15. targets a week ago.

What's your current take on earnings 11/7.

PMI is going Kamakaze. If you guys would have bought this morning when I posted you would be up 17%.
And as a bonus:

Rage and his Woman catch Jurassic Supper!
Wal, you are spooky.

When in the hell did I ever talk about BIOS??
Great trade, Gap. Kass was short the mortgage insurers, too.

I'd hate to be his dog tonight.
The Cajun does not date fat bitches.
holly shit I just fat fingered a trade for the first time ever. Bought 10,000 PMI at 18.90. Quickly reversed it at 18.92 after my fucking browser crashed on me. Christ almost went chop suey in my pants.
We are exactly at key resistance at this level. We are going to have a stunning move at the close, which will either be a bitch slap down and it will be blamed on crude, or we will blow out the resistance to tell the world that next week will be a money machine for longs. We do not end at these cross road levels tonight. A clear message will be sent into the close. I am holding long future indices into the close's fun.
YHOO is ridiculous.
Jake, you mentioned BIOS a few weeks ago or so, but I got sidetracked and didn't respond to your post.

There had been rumours of buyout possibility which interestingly was mentioned in at least one of the analyst reports posted on the 18th.

Appears to be getting noticed.
Wal -- thanks for clarifying. I just spoke to a guy today about BIOS. He has a friend who works there and says good things. That's all I know.
ANyone doing Bidu here?

I almost did at $350...$7 bucks ago.
I'm rong BIDU .. I just read its going to $800 when it starts trading in its homeland
No ronger in BIDU.

STeVe, SiDharTHa and CHaLie.

You rike "Chalie??"

Dey took my tumbs Chalie! Dey took my TUMBS!
i saw that earlier...and when does that start?

what the hell kind of fish was that thing?

not being a fishing guy, I have no idea. Looks like something youd pull out of the ocean.
Cigs, I'm a salt water guy myself, but I think that was some kind of "gar" or maybe a spoonbill.

Maybe the Rage will know, since it was Lawsiana.

Which btw -- if that passes for "a fat chick" -- I am promptly moving to.
This here's a gar, which are supposedly found in Florida, but who knows if some have made their way to Lawsy-ann.

And here's Rage with a spoonbill or paddlefish.

If I'm not mistaken that's the locks at the Falls of the Ohio behind him there.
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