Monday, October 22, 2007


Late Night Feast Alert

Just had a "Frankensized" bowl of late night oatmeal (brown sugar with milk), in order to 'save the market.' Key reversals to the upside are now assured.

Sleep well.


Go to sleep
Dude, that sounds like a punishing bowl of oatmeal!

Would you like fries with that?
what? no raisins?
oatmeal without raisins, can't be relied upon to turn the markets around.
How long does it take for a "Frankensized" bowl of late night oatmeal (brown sugar with milk), to 'save the market.' ?

just curious ...

any reflux going on by any chance?
Yen at 6-week high.

Turkey sending troops to the Iraq-border.

Meanwhile, I don't eat oatmeal. I eat my new favorite cereal, "Credit Crunch." Needs milk.

no Julian Robertson this am on cnbc - just Mr Gloom'n Doom his bad self - Marc Faber

they gave him a seat usually reserved for permabulls
Do you know that that bald dude has some attempt at a pony tail back there? No shit ...
Oil and gold setup to be slaughtered today.
Watched some NFL at Buff Wild Wing in KC. I must say it was nice. Lots of quality TV's. Place was full at 4pm.

It had been awhile since I was in one of their restaurants-they have a nice feel to them for the sports crowd. Food was good.

As far as the market-put on you Jock-Strap or Cup.
I am sure this is old news, but it seems that they raised Tokman's compensation to $393k.
fwiw or isn't ... they're shooting former leaders like dry bulkers, infrastructure

generally when former leaders are getting tossed, its time to look for 'bargains'
They cut SLW down this morning at 9:30 almost a buck on 22,000 shares (first five minutes). We proceeded to print four black five minute candles after that totalling over 850,000 shares.

Talk about a tradeable low. That's just stealing.
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