Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Late Night Thought

If Microvision changed its name to Beijing Mini Projector Company, the stock would rip.

UPDATED THOUGHT: The ticker symbol would be SHRNKY, an ADR of course.

Fly away fly, come back another day with MVIS +10
maybe if the company could ever land a deal the stock might go up... right now it trades like an abortion (that would be unspeakably awful)
now that IQ of your is coming up with the goods ... send that thought right over to the Toke-man
I read about Mvis from your blog then did my own research. I love the technology and the company. I just started this stock thingy. I bought 5000 shares at $4.72 a few days ago. Was it a good buy? I dont care a few cents drop. I want long term investment.
Ready to lose your shirt h?
Fuck Citi.

Fly's time machine says RIMM forklifts the shorts.

As for MVIS:

How about 2.5-3 watts by CES?

What do you think will happen to the share price then?

Huh, fuckface?
Like Danny, I've pre-ordered the Tokeman dartboard. I'm also interested in the Microvision embossed "bathroom tissue."
Didn't they already meet the oem requirement of 1.5 watts????
If Ducati hadn't blown up he'd be all over the MVIS price action and lack of institutional support.

Actually, he recently contacted me about a mud wrestling cage match this Friday. Naturally, he first needed more information regarding my physique.

Not even close.

This time last year, they were at 9 watts.

If they were at 1.5 watts, it would be in handsets, right now.

Basically, MOT is weaiting for the wattage to get to 2.5-3.

If MVIS can accomplish this, by January, they would be way ahead of schedule, essentially assuring product launch in 2008.
Oh, and if MVIS can displat a picop without a digital converter, that would be huge.

Look for that too.

Bottom line, this stock should get jiggy by January.

I took your blog off my blogroll because you never blog, naturally of course.


dont worry-- mvis will be up like a faggot (ducati) in chelsea.

Fly's time machine says RIMM forklifts the shorts.

After several break-downs, I no longer trust the time machine; it's about as reliable as my forever-missed '91 Chevy Caprice.

Jeremy Prediction: The time machine, like my Caprice, lives out its final days in the squalor of impound and the belittlement of police auctions.
lol, Randolph lives. He does, truly, have a passion for winning.
Your evidence of a failed time machine experiment is imaginary.

Go ahead, look over my archives and find bad time machine calls, excluding LAZ, SRS, MCHX, ARWR and MATH.
I made at least 3 points on MCHX. It was a good call, you just got piggish.
I also made a point and a huge percentage gain on ARWR. Again, waiting for the big payoff was detrimental to account value on that one.
I think MVIS ought to integrate a solar taser and digital videocorder into it's picop technology.

They could give 'em to campus Barneys, who would then be free to tase publicity-seeking hippies while at the same time recording the whole fracas for projection down at the station house immediately thereafter.

You know, for laughs.

I see an expansive market.
shed has a hillbilly time machine.
Like a cat covering its shit, you used your De Lorean time machine to retroactively erase its worst predictions. Nota bene:

Go ahead, mock my time machine.

Next thing you know, all of a sudden, you will remember some jerk off punching your chest hairs off, during your College graduation ceremony.

your father called.

don't you have school in the morning?

did you do your homework?
Stockdouche, your village called...well we all know how that ends.
I bet none of you are aware of the egg shortage we face and how to bank a little coin off it, thanks to PETA.

As you know, "The Fly" knows.
lmao @ M.

Stockhead, seriously, what's up with the aggression of late?
HOLY SHIT. The China men have taken up blogging.


Check it out!
You fuckers are all racist.

For all you know, I could be a Chinese delivery man.
College graduation ceremony? Fuck that. I'm far too busy throwing rocks at cars than to watch people applaud their idiot son's college graduation (as if it was something to be applauded).

Leave stockhead alone. In reality, I can't take care of myself-- so daily reminders such as "do your homework" and "stop picking at that hideous growth on your ass" are of tremendous benefit.

They say that 40 is the new thirty. For 22-year-olds like Danny and I, we might as well be 10.
Do not be confused:

Though "The Fly" has Chinese-like returns, it does not necessarily follow that *he* is Chinese.

No need to defend me. Woodshedder is right. I have been a little edgy lately. I need to stop doing shit like ripping peoples faces off and pissing on their brains. It's getting out of hand.

This is what got me started in the first place:


You fail to understand my threat.

I will, literally, get into my time machine, travel back in time to your College ceremony and have one of my cold callers punch your chest hairs off, as you receive your diploma.

Has that for a diploma pic?
I already told you, I'm not going to any ceremony. (Unless the time machine coerces me into going.)

Do you really have cold callers? WTF is the deal with that? I thought people would be banging down the doors to invest/do OSJ stuff with "The Fly" (real name unknown).

But now you're telling me that you reach out to complete strangers? I'm disappointed...
LOL. "Fry on RwarlStleet"

Funny. Racist, but funny.

You should get Jake to do the "translations" into "pig mandarin".
Stockhead, I've got big plans. I've just got to get in touch with Jake. There will be spoofs galore.

By the way Fry, that is just like you yankees to assume that just cause I'm a Southener that I'm racist.
No real cold callers.

Although, I like saying that I do.
pre mid-night thought:

SRS to go up tomorrow.
I love this place.
However, it's worth noting, some of my reps have cold callers.

They can punch your nose hairs off.
Broker A

I got a question. Microvision is either worth nothing or a hell of a lot more than its current market cap depending on whether their technology has any imminent real world applications. If Motorala is able to reduce the power consumption to acceptable levels to be embedded in a cell phone, wouldn't they just buy Microvision. It would seem to me that if they don't attempt to acquire Microvision by CES in January, then they cannot think that highly of the technology. I am not saying shareholders would be in favor of this, just that if this is for real the interest should be there on their part.
I almost got trapped in the ignomimious profession of "cold caller" a month or two ago. CNO somehow got a hold of my resume and, being the sucker that I am, was able to lure me in for an interview.

Cold calling probably sucks ass through a straw, but some of those people really do "bank coin." The guy who interviewed me, though in his fifties or sixties was pulling in 700k/yr. On the other hand, who wants to mess with life insurance?

All real men cold call, at some point in their life. Sales is everything.


I get that question a lot. This is the truth:

Most big companies have their heads up their asses. MOT probably has no idea how valuable MVIS is, aside from the project they are jointly developing.

The big fish are looking for other big fish, rarely the small guppies.

In my opinion, MVIS will one day be valued at 2 billion or $30 per share.
I got into the Fly's trophy room with a spy camera.
There's a secret message in the arrangement of the trophies:


Oops. Gotta run. Sounds like that dobermans have been set loose.
$30 a share... in 2009?
Broker: re eggs - you talking CALM ?
Wait a minute. Didn't AT say during the last CC, when asked about meeting tech. requirements for handset mfgs., there is not issue(I think he used the word gating). So, either they achived 1.5 watts or he was dam near sure that he will achieve this.
And may be any tech experts can shed some light on this.
Fly either you, breakfast taco or any other tech expert should do a write up on the nuts and bolts of PicoP and what is reqired to meet the end points. I think alot of readers on this board can use this info.
Thank you.
Oh by the way if Picop gets in a cell phone, MVIS will be worth alot more than $2 bil. This is a very very conversitive price.



You misunderstood AT.

No one is near 2.5-3 watts. TXN, if they're lucky, will be at 5 watts by mid 2008.

If MVIS is at 2.5 watts by Jan, that will mean they are well ahead of schedule.
KD --

What is that price coversitive in?


Preeze, not to taze me, blo!
my engrish very berry bad
gotta go time to make a derivery.
the PicoP is the stand alone projector and is different than the projector that will go into the cell phone in a few respects. The stand alone PicoP will be able to get video from an iPod, for example. The stand alone PicoP will/may have a projection keyboard - it will project a keyboard onto the desk and you will be able to type like a regular keyboard, you will be able to use your finger as a pointer or mouse. The stand alone PicoP may be able to have 2 displays going at once and may be different - like a power point presentation and notes for the speaker. This comes from a patent application by Microvision...

KD -- no disrespect, but you're only getting half of it. R's become l's and vice versa. Hence:

My Engrish velly velly bad!

Don't taze me ovel it, blo!!

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