Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Late Night Thought

Hat tip: Danny & Jeremy.

World Series announcers are completely perplexed why Becket is still out there on the mound. What they don't realize is that the owner of the Sox is famed systematic trend trader John Henry - statistics is everything. If Beckett pitches well through 7 innings, he will pitch 7 fucking innings. It's all statistics with Henry.
Didn't Henry's commodity fund blow up earlier this year?

May the Red Sox be similarly gored.
they're not dead quite yet ... don't count your dead shorts before they're gored, I always said

still have to get around the shanghai shellacking -4% currently

we'll brush it off by noon
Speaking of the Chinese, does anyone own any CHL? It's made a better-than-BIDU type run since the 8/16 lows, and quite in contrast with its "slow and steady" chart in the previous five years.

I wonder if it's going to do an ISRG type moon shot here, or if it's done?

Doesn't look like it's done.
What the heck happened to VDSI over night? Was it found to stand for "venereal disease" or something?
Ahhh Jake, here is Key.

You lose this Key. You get no New Key.
Oh, they missed by 2 cent, and reaffirmed guidance for next year.

Guess I'll be buying more this morning.
where is VDSI safe?
And really, what fun is it to be already worth close to $1.5 bn at age 23, anyway, right?


How's this poor kid Zuckerberg ever going to know if the shiksas are after him for his money or his good looks & personality?

Okay, his personality then?
Bruce -- the ten week moving average has been money since the start of this last run in July of '06. We are well below that ($35.73) in the PM, but I would be shocked to see it recover to there by Friday end.

40 week MA is solid as well, but that's 26.24. If you can catch it there, however briefly, I think you'll be gold.
Fly, I picked up some IIG yesterday. Glad I did.
thx Jake ... you meant would 'not' be shocked to see it recover? or you would be shocked?
Isn't 1.5 bil more of a burden than not.

I guess that would be a challenge I'd be willing to take on. As far as the shiksas--dude probably lives on facebook like the rest of his generation. He can tell his Grandma what ever she wants to hear and buy her a condo or 3.
I'm picking at it bits at a time ... man this is getting taken out back
Sorry, Bruce, I should've said "not be shocked to see it recvover to there."

Need more coffee.

I just added 66% more to my current position at $29.44. I may double that again if it gets to 26ish.
I went ahead and picked up some venereal disease at 29.61
Bruce -- conference call at 10. Bet this sells til then, at least.

I think Cramer pumped this yesterday as a "stock to own before earnings."

LOL. Must've had a client who wanted out.
thx ... NIHD getting butchered
XFML is so for sale ... every morning premarket, they throw out some phony sucker prints, up a percent or 2 to lure in bottom fishers. Someone big is unloading slowly, chinese water torture style. Let the volume blow off his last sale before going in.
I mentioned CYD yesterday when it was up 10% - it closed up 18%. Up 8% already today. Chinese engine play with the GDP confirmed as being over 11 last night, development chugs along.
speaking of engine ... Cummins engine - CMI ... crush-ed

dumbass me picked up some for a flip at 115 .. just filled
FUQI getting punched in the nuts too. Surprised the precious metals "know" a cut is coming, but the Chinee do not.
VDSI CC starting right now... I'll let you know if I hear anything interesting.
what the fuck. ALGN beats by 4 cents and yet the stock gets hammered????? Granted they lowered their estimates for q4 but it is nothing fundamental that is causing them to lower estimates. The seasonal slowdown (summer time) lasted couple of weeks longer than expected. What the fuck does that have to do with fundmentals of the business?????
A great bargain. I buing more, fucking people are retarded. All those turkey's jumped in last week after cramer pumped it up.
Ok I feel a little better.
WCG having a 50% off sale. OTB dice rollers, only.

I want to be clear: Our product sales have NOT been affected by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis.
wow ... just got filled @ 53 ILMN

I'm picking up the dogs du jour ... VDSI CMI ILMN

positive seasonality coming up thru the first few days of november

i think we come off these lows for a rally over the next week at least
We expect that the recurring part of our revenue stream will increase as a percentage of revenues going forward. This has been a key element of our increasing gross margin levels.
Mags-- I don't even have WCG as "open" on my screen. What's up?
Fucking a- MVIS is UP!

Where the fuck is JJ?
VDSI up over $1.20 from my buy now.
The crowd is loving this boring ass CFO.

Now up $2.00 from purchase.
short ABK

gonna have to write down waaay more than they say . a la MER
CYD now up another 10% today. Up 28% in 1 1/2 days. Sweet Jesus.
LLNW kicking it off AKAM q
Silver is moving my friends. It's going to be a white Christmas.

(I book my gains in kg's of blow)
From CYD's mouth to STeVe's ears.

And his buddy, SiDharTHa.
Rut row. VDSI now beneath my buy point. Arggggggg. C'mon baby.
I feel ya kd, JNPR beat estimites and improved their 4th Q guidance and the stock tanked hard. Hence I will be selling my MSFT today before the call.

/me tips a beer to all the wellness holders :/
WTF... they just announced the Friedman analyst and called it "Friedman Ramsey."

Did they throw Eric Billings down the up escalator at some point w.out telling me?
You have to buy ALGN down at this level. This is a fucking gift, espically from those cramer following retards. They had a blow out q (beat by 4 cents, 74.6% gross margins). Only bad part was they guided lower because unexpected effect of slow season lasting longer. Nothing wrong with fundamental business. From a long term point view, this is a fucking gift. Just listen to last night's CC.
Fly you really need to look into this one. Woodshedder this is another opportunity to buy really cheap.
Put the CFO back on! Put the CFO back on!
Awright "Opportunities from China?" question.

Thanks Punjib the Analyst!

(he also asks the "stock has dumped question" ...brave. CEO does the usual "huh?" answer.)
Can't force the guy to work, can we. Also, the new CFO has been from inside the company. He has been working with the current CFO.
No, let me amend that...

The CEO actually got into a quasi pump, there with that answer, saying "do people want to invest in high growth, high gross margin" or do they want vanilla IBM.

Ballsy answer, actually. Laying his Tom Turkey on the chopping block w. that one.
KD -- sorry, I was talking about the VDSI CFO, because the stock went up when he was talking on the CC.
NIHD a good buy here.

Lots of growth in Latin America No ?
VMW never goes down.
MVIS is taking a nap.
ABK is gonna get crushed on its subprime exposure ... they wrote off some yesterday but they are hiding hiding hiding much much greater exposure

short away this dead sucker
Holy shit, you have to hear this one guy on the VDSI CC who sounds like a Mafia capo, saying "is all dah newz out on dis stock?" And then not believing the answer.

Better than a farking comedy routine. I wish I had written down this guys name, but I think he's an institutional.

"We have dousands and dousands a shayuhs of dis stock!"
"Why is it bottoming out like dis? And you still have not answered dat question."

Answer: "We don't know."

The guy hung up on them after that.
LOL I think he hung up and hit the sell button on his "dousands and dousands o' shayuhs."

Was that you Fly?
Fuck me, what's guy got to do to get green candle in VDSI?
Shed, I've got the same amount dialed in for a buy at $25.91, or 6 cent above the 40 week EMA.
I think we've seen the floor Jake.

Only fuckers selling this now are shorts, and they've got to be wondering how much down side is left.
FWIW this guy has a connection inside MVIS. He has been pretty credible in the past.

I have received a confirmation that it is Foxconn. They are doing the TI as well; however, I am told our technology is better. I was also told not to be surprised to hear one more significant partnership before the end of the year.

One thing does puzzle me however. If it is an indpendent OEM, why the secrecy?
VDSI: $25.85 is daily 200 ema
VDSI had to dance around a few questions implying growth may be slowing. Someone wasn't happy with the responses.
thats the exp ma ... the simple ma is lower at 24.07
It's lunacy out there today. The flatlining indexes belie the fucked up nature of the market today. I've made and then lost, thousands.

Taking a nap. Fuck.

WCT -- thanks for the fix, I was switching between the daily and the weekly looks... weekly 40 week EMA is pretty close to the 200 anyway (200/5=40), and it's at 25.61. close enough for my buy.

Long termer for me.

Certainly. I am anally waiting for a test of the 200 ema befor I get in, but that may be a mistake.
Wish I would have waited.
I have no problem with the price you paid, Shed... you'll be fine.

I did a lot of work with these companies almost a decade back, and they were a lot worse back then when they weren't making any money... this one's the real thing.
Yeah, I traded VDSI back in the single digits and did very well with it. I used to be well-versed in the company.

Yeah, I'm not too concerned.
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