Thursday, October 25, 2007


Late Night Thought

Fuck China.

We fluck you flurst, Yankee dawg!
Sariously, are you worried?

Get ye something solid in the Chinese, like your CHL or your STV, and then rest easy with your crazy XFML* pick.

Them's the Lo Mein of the Chinese securities woild.


*General Tso's Chicken.
I've heard the pollution is so bad in Beijing that they may have to shut down the factories around there for months before the Olympics.
Ahhh Mista Bloka A- you no like Chinee Lotto- you come to Maccau we take vely good care of you.

How can anyone feel bearish or bullish. We have the big banks in freefall- Broker I think you called WM as a possible BK candidate back in late July. Now yielding 7.2% allegedly. On the other hand business in booming for alot of Tech names. should be a regular visit during these heady commodity driven days. From today's EOD report:

METALS: December gold futures closed up $5.70 at $771.30
today. Prices closed nearer the session high today and
closed at a fresh 10.5-month high close as the U.S. dollar
was weaker and crude oil prices were sharply higher today.
Bulls still have the solid technical advantage as a steep
two-month-old uptrend is still in place on the daily bar

December silver futures closed up 37.0 cents at $13.96 an
ounce today. Prices closed nearer the session high today and
closed at a fresh 4.5-month high close. Bulls still have the
near-term technical advantage and gained fresh momentum
today. A higher close on Friday could be the beginning of a
bullish upside “breakout” from a trading range on the daily
bar chart.
NCC is a buyout candidate, and 7+% while you wait.

You always here about WM being a buyout, but it never happens for some reason.
NCC's chart makes me nauseous.
Looks like the "Black Widow Slide" at
the Palm Springs Water Park.
Fuck me. How is it that I'm always going long on the worst of your loser picks. (ARWR, MATH, XFML, MCHX, etc). dammit.
Because you're attracted to low prices stocks.
MVIS is a low stock price..and let's just say I'm heavily attracted..we're screwed.

Rest assured, MVIS will lift off come CES.

Also, all of the other stock you mentioned are speculative. However, they all have big upside potential.

Maybe I should exclude small caps, for they tend to obliterate the internet investor class.
Fuck that, all your trades come with disclaimers-- it is not your fault.

I demand to know what the Fly is buying at all times.
I agree with Ragin'. How else can I get my share of the Billions being made on the internet? The Robosapien clearly isn't doing it for me.
Mr. Fly,

If you could be so kind and tell your wife that I thank her greatly for her terrific "Holiday Buffet" recipe! mmmmmm! It was delish! Of course, that is because I was not the chef! I absolutely suck at cooking!

oh, btw... you know, of course, China will not implode on anybody until after the big "O"? And even then... there will be a gazillion stocks that do quite well even after this "implosion". ;)

Now... pray tell, what on earth will you be getting your lovely children for gifts this holiday season?

All in the name of dd, I assure you.


Oh! And lookie there! A person finally has the option to follow-up comments via email! What a terrific idea! Wouldn't you agree?
TG- as if I need another way to be distracted at work! Comments by email!

If you were a man, I'd suggest punching your own mustache off.

But, since you're not, I'll say: thanks.

Distractions can be so mmmmmmm distracting!
Wouldn't be funny if TG was a 50 year old guy?

I know she's not, heard the interview.

I'm just saying.
Will you watch Saw 4 tomorrow?
Broker A...

It is quite obvious you need to get out more often...

As you can clearly see, I have at least 5 people that can vouch for my gender.

And speaking of interviews...

What say you?
I don't do internet interviews.

...get out plenty enough.

...thanks for your concern.


If you indeed got out more often, you would not have made that chidish remark about "what if I were a 50 year old guy".

I expect FLWS forthwith.
Now look at what you've done! I didn't even spell childish correctly! What will my daughter say?

I feel so ashamed.

I didn't mean it as an insult. I was just thinking out loud-- I tend to do that.

My apologies.
That is B.S. and you know it.

"thinking out loud"


You are too damn intelligent and I am not going to fall for that crap.

What gives?

btw, you did not answer my q about the kiddies. The only thing I see for holiday buying is some game called "Animal Crossing", Uggs, some video games, and the Wii.
I was.

You have to understand, my sense of humor is somewhat off.

Kids get whatever they ask for.

Odd no?
I have known you for what now? 2 years? Why is your sense of humor "somewhat off"?

btw, the kids are asking for KO Vitamin Water Energy over here. ;)

I have to hit the sack.

Love you - you know I do.

The Trading Goddess loves stroker A.
What is it with youth nowadays that they do not respect their elders?

I would disown this "Ragin'" solely for the fact that he did not capitalize the letter S.

btw, Ragin'? How am I doing in your Stock Pick of the Year contest?
I found pictures of Angelo Mozilo as a teenager.

WOW! I love the good ol' USA but thats what I hate about our country, TOO MANY damn vain people.

I mean what was that douche thinking!! No wonder he didn't have a date!
Palladium price is shoting up in an exponential fashion. Up almost $10. This is probably due to Jim Rogers meantioning that he buys palladium.

How could any one continue to ignore that and continue to refuse to buy the only palladium player in North America: SWC and PAL.

The FLY, last time you attempted to buy some SWC on a Saturday morning. It did not work. That's why you are having some bad luck. This time try to buy the stock on regular trading hours.

And I continue to believe that MVIS is not going any where. The technology could not survive in real world usage.
the trading goddess chick shtick is old and wrinkled. it's a dude. prolly a tranny.

hilary kramer doesn't need the purient flirting and soft core porn. and her picks are well researched...none of that "up on volume" crap.
JJ up at 4:00 in the morning, begging people to buy SWC so that he can get it back to his ridiculous basis of $13.50
VERT shareholders get taken out of their misery miserably - stock closes at 5.60, takeunder for 2.56 - can you say WTF !?!?!
Oil is for asshats.
Beaten down financials catching a good bid this AM.
Early morning thought -

Betsy Q is saucing Warren B's lo mein.

don't know what that means ..
The CEO of VERT should be arrested for that shit.
Crude-- ready to revise on CHK, yet?


Boom -- sometimes I think there are two of you.


Rage -- let's not abuse (ie, overuse) either the Oompah Loompah-age or the entire HCWD'bags site, as the confluence of equivalent hilarities could very well produce a singularity, prompting the disappearence of continental China.

The mere second appearance of the Oompah Loompah boys alone is going to set XFML back another couple of days and force the rebuilding of the Macau dockyards.
I'm shocked VERT is still around. It was a piece of crap back before the dot com meltdown. Why the hell did it stay public anyway?

You never responded to my last email.

Keep in mind, I know where you eat lunch.
Yukon Cornelius is very happy right now.

Is this a running joke? Do you actually HAVE his farking e-mail?

Please be advised that "my picks" are well researched.

Sorry you feel threatened and insecure about me being a female who is profitable in the stock market.

You might want to chat with Dr. Brett about that and maybe he can help you with working out thise issues.

In the meantime, your mouth could use a bar of soap.

Happy trading to you.
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