Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Linkin Park: Give Up

Fly - what's the play on the California wildfires?
They play is that the Californians affected by the fire stuff some hot embers under your "eaves".

That, and the insurance companies win. They always do. If disaster hits, they lowball the settlement offers and raise their rates.
The play off the California fires is the Fed cuts the rates another 1/2 point.
The fed will not cut this time,I know this because I installed a dashboard cam on FLys' time machine, and mvis will go down tomorow.
Believe it or not, SHRP is a good play on the fires, via that air cleaner device.

You've been told.
ALVR up 5% today. Aricle attached re: the future of WiMax.


Quotes in support from the article:

Motorola CEO Ed Zander predicts WiMax will take off like a shot when WiMax-enabled devices powered by Intel chips — laptops, handhelds, smart-phones and more — hit the market next year.

"WiMax could be even bigger and more dramatic than the original Internet," he says, adding: "We're doubling down and betting the farm" on WiMax.

Quote opposed to WiMax from the article:

Kris Rinne, an AT&T senior vice president, acknowledges that her company has few WiMax licenses, but says that's not the issue. "We view WiMax as very suitable for fixed" locations, she says. For mobile wireless, however, "HSPA is the right choice."

For Rinne, it all comes down to the numbers. While mobile WiMax is in development, HSPA is based on a wireless standard called GSM that is already used by 85% of the world's mobile phone population. In addition, "more than 180 operators worldwide already use HSPA."

Her point: WiMax as a standard will have a hard time getting global traction. "Lots of times, a technology has some great aspects, but it gets overhyped in terms of how it will develop," Rinne says.

You decide.
One more thing on WiMax (again, ALVR up 5% today). Following quotes from CSCO:

"In the U.S., there are a number of choices, and it's nice to have WiMax as another choice," he said. "But there are some places in the emerging markets where it would have been WiMax or nothing."
Larry Vang

WiMax's popularity is growing as Internet service providers look for ways to connect more people, particularly in developing countries.

Last week, the U.N. telecommunications agency, the International Telecommunication Union, added WiMax to a global standard for mobile devices, signaling that airwaves designated for technologies in the standard known as IMT-2000 can now be used for networks based on WiMax.

Information on ALVR attached:

China Fire & Security Group, Inc. (CFSG)---

China Fire & Security Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of various fire safety products for the industrial fire safety market in the People's Republic of China. It also engages in the design and installation of industrial fire safety systems. The company offers products for various aspects of industrial fire safety, including fire detection, fire system control, and fire extinguishing. Its products include linear heat detectors that are used in industrial settings; infrared flame detectors primarily for the petrochemical industry; combustible and inert gas detectors used in the petrochemical and coal industries; optical heat detectors for industrial settings; infrared detectors used in the petrochemical industry; inert gas extinguishers for electronic and telecom equipment; fire alarm control devices; and water mist/sprinkler systems. China Fire & Security Group also engages in the contract manufacture of industrial fire safety products for the export market, as well as provides maintenance services for customers of its industrial fire safety systems. It markets its industrial fire safety products and systems primarily to companies in the iron and steel, power, and petrochemical industries. The company also has operations in the transportation, wine and tobacco, vessels, nuclear energy, and public space markets. China Fire & Security Group was founded in 1995 and is based in Beijing, the People's Republic of China.
Joey the Bat Battapaglia is now a big Yogi ... after drving his clients off a cliff at full speed in march 2000, Joey has seen the light & now parties with Fleck, Hickey, Faber, Grant, Rocker, Chanos, Kass & evil Fly.
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a little political diversion

WCT -- I had ALVR and the Chipmunks but blew out of it after it started falling from its last peak. Have not returned, mostly because I wasn't paying attention to it as it skulked around under $13.

Don't stay too long, no matter.
Brucie -- I kind of find that thing to be horseshit (I've taken it before). How in the hell could John McCain be higher on my list than Fred Thompson or even Mitt Romney?

And how could it be my highest Dem is Dennis Kookynick? I think that quiz (or it's "solution") was likely invented by retarded liberals.
jakegint -

I am fairly successful trading around a core position. News looks bright for WiMax and ALVR seems to be charting their own course in overseas deployment of systems stockpiling contracts along the way. Why the hesitation?
Jake .. maybe you aren't the right wing neo con, you thought you were ... maybe you are actually a flaming liberal commie

now wouldn't that serve you right

just so happened kusynich came in 1st for me & I don't know squat about him .. but I was pleased that Mitt came in last
wct= dunno for sure. Maybe trust issues.
Brucie, you still cannot define "neocon" outside dimwit kneejerk epithet level Mother Jones jargon.

I am a paleo-con if I'm anything, and I know that survey is weighted to bullshit the leftish positions harder. Hence, you put in hard right stances and you get John McCain. Not bloody likely.
prob its put out by kusinich's team
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