Friday, October 26, 2007


Nas: Life's a Bitch

I dedicate that song to DT.
Microvision, Inc. Earnings Conference Call (Q3 2007)
Scheduled to start Thu, Nov 1, 2007, 4:30 pm Eastern.
If repost, I don't care
Fuck you, Tony.
Glad to help, broker
You're a terrible stock picker.
Born in Redmond, what can I say...
YHOO will be sitting at $40 by next Friday.
Alright boys:




have a good weekend, and be careful out there.

have you seen these...whole series. farking funny
7 out of 10 Here

Boomer- I like how your IPOD talks to you-- My boys and I are convinced random play is a farce. Random play has to be controlled by an evil Steve Jobs--who hates Bob Marley but loves John Mellencamp.
Hey Fry,
did you see this.
Microvision, Inc. Earnings Conference Call (Q3 2007)
Scheduled to start Thu, Nov 1, 2007, 4:30 pm Eastern.

By the way ALGN punched my teeth out. AND like a good little bitch, I bought more. Aren't you proud of me.
stagflation party at my house tonight

Cheney/Bush/Bernanke printing $'s faster than........

Can you post a country song soon about a poor fry-chef living in a FEMA trailer so I can dedicate it to Ragin?

Rage check the "late day thought" post and tell us what kind of fish that was. I say "Gar."

And not just because it was recently "Talk Like A Pirate Day."
Classic silent comedy in Italian.

You'll have to turn the sound down, though, if you want it classicly silent.

Set the scene: Shed and Rage enter in beach skivvies, proceed to comically ogle BA's espousa, comedy ensues.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I figured out why CWCR fucked you up... My wife evacuated the SD fire and are staying with friends in Palm Desert. Holy shit, the Coldwater Creek is a major installation on their main strip, and whordes of fat mountain bitches are shopping there. I have figured it out... they take the palm springs tram down from mt. san jacinto where they herd their goats, directly to the CWCR shop.
Speaking of FMB's-

My son and his friend have coined the the word FOPA rhymes with Loopa

Fat Over Pubic Area -
It's FUPA and we were saying it when I was in college 5 years ago.

Fat Upper Pussy Area

Makes me laugh every time.
Here's an exhaustive study of the FUPA, written by our own Danny.

That was hilarious. Well done Dann-O.
NYSE Eliminates Trading Curbs Dating Back to 1987

Interesting. Why would they do this?
Great post Danny!

"In any case, should you chance upon one, calmly--but assertively--say, "I see your F.U.P.A. you disgusting slob, keep your gypsy venom and body odors away from me and my family." Then, you run like heck in the other direction, in a zig-zagging route--it makes you harder to chase."
My bad FUPA it is- thats way better. "CWCR" should roll out a new FUPA line get Brittney.

2-RLL's -Money Skater has game.

I think DT and Rajin are one person same-dual blogger.
Fly and Polish Ed are same as well.

Angelo R. Mozilo
for President.
A Tanning Salon for every Home. 4 Year balloons- Interest Only -No Money Down- Home Equity IRA's-
48 months Same As Cash.
haha thanks guys for the FUPA props. surely one of my finest writings.

I better hear that you hit that CJ junior proffette.
The Cajun has no affiliation with DT's gay site.
Is it the Ryan woman or the Nurge?

Both pretty decent, Imho.
Man in my undergraduate institution, you were lucky to uncover a hot student every once in a blue moon, but a hot instructor? Nada, never, "imposseebla" as the French say.

My English thesis instructor made Andrea Dworkin look like a hotty.
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