Thursday, October 04, 2007


Playing RIMM

Look you, don't get all brave, paint your face blue, and go "all in" on RIMM, prior to numbers.

That's called gambling.

Although I believe the company will post record numbers, it is priced for perfection.

In short, if my cost basis wasn't $18, I'd pare down the position here, just in case.

If you are not the "paring down" type of idiot, consider protective puts.

If you don't like to protect anything, get your blade out and prepare to do battle with some filthy bears.

I gambled last year and bought RIMM calls ahead of the earnings. Made 168K overnight.

That doesn't happen all the time...
I love stories like that.

Hey, I gambled once and held a position in NTRI and lost $300,000 overnight.
You should see wallstreak, everybody looking to win the lotto via RIMM.
They may end up on welfare tomorrow.

However, it can't be worse than NTRI.
I would short it 30 seconds before the close. Nutty to run it up into earnings. Its priced for perfection.
All over the place in AH's......up 7+ then down 3+. Long term I still love it, just got in India & approved for China. My base is only 3x higher than Fly....& I am still happy.

Trading 97'ish now.
RIMM may disappoint.

Massive intervention program gaining traction for Crackberry addicts.
They can take my Crackberry from my cold dead fingers....
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