Thursday, October 04, 2007


Position Update: BWLD

You thought I was fucking around?

via Merriman:

Buffalo Wild Wings: Success of Ohio teams could drive Q4 sales trends - Merriman (41.15 +2.48) : Merriman notes that approx 20% of BWLD chains are in Ohio. Firm says with the success of the Cleveland Indians and increased optimism for the Cleveland Browns, hometown sports teams should help drive customer traffic. After finishing in 11th place last year in the American League, the Indians are now in the AL Playoffs for the first time since 2001. There is also renewed optimism for the Browns with a 2-2 start. Given the difficult YoY Q4 sales comparisons, firm believes continued success from each team could boost optimism for BWLD shares going into the end of the year. Firm has a potential valuation of $45-$50 on the shares.

Eat them wings you mid-western jack-offs.

Just bought an iPod touch, 16GB of course, the thing is simply amazing.

I can accesses internet from anywhere, it's like a damn PDA. Apple will own the PDA market, along with every other market.

I want more stock now, right now. I would buy more even if the thing gapped up 20 pts.

For those that have never played with an iPhone or itouch, go find one right now.

BTW. they were sold out everywhere, I happen to get lucky at a local Wal-Mart-- they just received a shipment.

oh yea, Go BWLD!
This little device is amazing!
Having milked AAPL for the better part of $90 - $150, I've been a bit worried about valuation. But take a look at this Argus piece excerpt that came out today:

AAPL shares are now trading @ 30.6x our FY08 forecast, compared to an av. P/E of 33.5 over the past five years...AAPL also trades at a PEG of 1.22 based on FY08 est...proj. price/cash flow multiple of 25 for FY08, below historical av. of 33.

Kinda throws the "priced for perfection" thesis out the window, doesn't it?
Oh yeah,

That Jerky Boys post from Tuesday gets funnier every time I listen to it.

I remember hearing their stuff way back when, and thinking it was the funniest shit ever. I don't know how I forgot about them...
"Eat them wings you mid-western jack-offs."

Maybe they should promo the drugs that shiiite pants to increase consumption.

Long SEWR.
AAPL is going higher, A LOT higher! Remember RIMM (pre-split) around this level. deja vu.

oh yea, go BWLD and long live the fat fuckers.
so now I gots to root for the Injuns like I had to root fer canes of death when buying natty or FUEL .

Instead of watching weather channel, it will be ESPN.

So be it.
wake up fuckers, we ride down today.

Thanks Jeff I went quad long on leverage after your call.
Don't short anything here.

Fed will cut again, it's in the works. Bears will be ass-reamed with a carpenter's rasp.


I think today will be OVTI's day. Thank's RIMM.
Holy schnikes, the Hang Seng was up over 850 again last night.

When that market crashes, they may start hanging wheelchair bound Politburo members from lamposts.


He Rage, did you purchase an iPod or an iPhone??
I'm coming here a little later than everyone else.

Although I've never seen this "Ducati" person in action, live, I think I kind of get what he was about.

But I'm having some trouble with "Jeff."

Looking to short financials and gold stocks (if dollar stays up) for daytrade. No more cuts IMO.
I say the market goes to 15,000 year end. I'm going to buy some boring shit today.

Great NCAA tomorrow for this Midwest retard. I don't know if I can bring myself to dine at "The Wing"--
Caddy, it's in the bag, buddy.

Why do you think the unemployment numbers were "bad" today, when ADP showed "good" yesterday?

Don't fight the Fed, or the politicians when they want a Fed cut.
All people from the mid-west are required to dine at "The Wing," until further notice.
Only a daytrade, although MER news may screw up the "short the financials". Bidding it up just like they did with C. MER timed it like this. Watching.
unfortunately there is not bwld near the jake. tribe will crush those fuckers though.

That should read "mid-Eastern jack-offs".

"Technically, Ohio is in the Mideast, as opposed to Iowa, which is in the Midwest.

Both OHio and IowA are corn can producing states, so OHio is often confused as being in the Midwest."

----Taken from "The Geography Police's Guide to Corn Can Producing States"

Go Tribe (in Five)!
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