Thursday, October 04, 2007


Position Update: CALM

Egg shortage looming. Need I say more?

Milk the egg producers.

NOTE: Get your USDA egg price and supply/demand updates here.

Yo , Lorraine !
I like this call, fundamentally, but I get queasy thinking about investing in anything that has to do with Maine.

I don't know if there's a more effed up state in the union. All the left wingery of Massachusetts combined with the raw redneckery of rural Alabama. A statewide recipe for disaster.

Did you know that Maine was the first state to enact a "Prohibition" like the one that was federally enacted in 1920?

Did you know they did so 55 years before the Feds??

SLW taking off again.

Can't keep them PM's down for more than a day or two.
Thar she BLOWS (gold)!!!
prob u were just joking Jakester .. if not, they're headquarted in Missippi ... in fact they don't even do bidness in Maine
MVIS getting our hopes up ... again

but this is the time she doesn't let us down!

Broker -- you think CALM got a squeeze happening?

Take a peek at LWAY (nasdaq)

They posted a "just below" rev #'s last nite, but they always miss a bit (check the chart and reaction to earning misses). And now, the best part: float is only 4.9 million shares with 17% of it short. Give it 2-3 weeks and it will be at $22+.

Forming a great daily "hammer" for those who try to bring it down in the AM today.

I hear dean foods(DF) has alot of milk....
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