Monday, October 01, 2007


Position Update: FXI, XFML

"The Fly" is up 100 points on FXI. Normally, I'd be scared of a pullback, following such a big run, but not now.

After all, it's China. How could I go wrong investing in China?

In other "newz," thank you "Joe" for posting silly shit in the comments section on XFML. As you know, "The Fly" bought a thousand and is up 10%, today. All thanks to the wonderful communist cock suckers in China. Long live communist China and their fucking stocks.

Steaks are on "Joe."

NOTE: In honor of "Joe," I put my China stock list on the side bar, titled "Fly's China Stock List." Enjoy investing in China, despite the lack of fresh robster served at their restaurants.

Dope on a Slope owns puts for FXI.
That guy got train wrecked, in recent weeks.
Algn on fire, hope you loaded up.
That guy would buy puts on SWHC and RGR in the middle of Armageddon.
Several cocksucker short bloggers I read are crying the blues these days. Fuck em.
Hmmm... some longs too.

Like SRS longs.



Six sacks with THE MASTER on the sidelines (looking pretty coked out, to be honest).
BA --

I just had a dark thought, and I'd be grateful if you'd disabuse me.

I just thought "Maybe BAs one of those unlucky Lawn Guyland types (like my best friend and roommate from college) who is both a Mets and a Jets fan?"

But no, there's no way you'd be alive if you'd lived through that much personal pain in addition to a daily stock market existence.
A few more years of this, and you will have your very own "The Fly Effect."

Cramer Effect
NGA looks like another AZZ.

Breaking out at $8.

Instead of discussing stocks, why not go flog yourself?
NGA will be in the mid-teens by end of year.

Many thanks; however, applause needs to go in Cigars direction for calling this one. I just got geeked out about it much more than he did. I must say that I did call the scale-in on the pull back. Long live asian stocks. As they are fond of saying in those asian countries "Love you long time Joe". To the moon. I have been fond of Rib Eyes purchased at Taylors Market in the Big Sac(ramento), but am now tending towards New Yorks.
so where is the maniac with the 100k bid on iig? Fly, do you know who they are?
Yes I do, fuckface.
One call I did make a few days ago was short the JY - risky trade? Ineed. That's why we take 'em. We are seeing the crack today. ETF FXY shorts work nicely or for real men, just go short JYZ07 on the CME or long USDJPY for you forex nuckleheads.
Instead of discussing stocks, why not go flog yourself?

I was asking you to "disabuse me."

I have "abuse me(self)" well in hand, thanks... errr, so to speak.
fly, are they the same people who gave you the skinny on ARWR? Maybe they are the same ones who were supposed to take RS private around labour day, or the ones who would brign MVIS "significantly higher" by labour day...LOL
UA looking like a nice short squeeze play.
Board query: Is "SDU Four" Danny's evil alter ego?

Does the "four" stand for how many years this poster has been enjoying freshman year?
also fly, thanks for your china list, isn't it funny how 50 or so years ago, your queer country considered communists to be the most insidious threat to mankind, but now, you stupid yanks can't live without them? LOL, who knows, maybe in the next 50 years islamist dirtbags will be your next new friends...

Never forget how us Yankees fucked you Red Coats up, a couple hundred years ago.

You guys are so weak, it's funny.

The British Empire.

Maybe sdufour is Grant?
Tim is calling for higher prices now, the towel was officially thrown in today. I expect this to at least mark a near term top.

Oh fark, SDU Four's a Europhag.

I guess I should have known.

Tim's blog is full of the anti-American asshats.

Bitter and pissy that the whole socialist thing hasn't worked out for them, they are now trying to make something out of China going capitalist.

Even when the parasitical cowards try to make a joke it backfires and blows up in their face, in the same manner their welfare states, demographic profiles, defense capabilities and general shoddy economies.

Pauvre, pauvre socialist Europhags.

Don't worry, we won't stop protecting you. For a while, at least.
why the f-bomb would you think I was that faggot? I openly mock that fool for being a canadian asshole. dufour is totally a canadian name.
My money says he's British.
I said "Danny's alter ego" -- not you, man. I thought maybe "SDU" was San Diego University and it was one of your buddies taking a contrarian stance.

If he's French Canadian, that explains a lot. Closest thing to a genuine Europhagtard on this side of the Atlantic.

Sold a company in Montreal once. The Canucks in charge were "English" and the (union) labor force was French Canuckistanian. You wouldn't believe the mutual hatred goin' on up there. Friggin' frogs worked harder at avoiding effort than they did in production.
I see, and you are correct
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