Friday, October 26, 2007


Position Update: HANS

Fuck Herb.

rally monkey to the close.
Monster found its way into my favorite bar. Seeing it in convenience stores, too.

East Coast - West Coast -- HANS and the FLY are nationwide.
Monster tastes like sweet tarts with soda water.

Long Ice Cold Dr.Pepper in the bottle.

We definitely need some good ole fishing stories and biscuit recipes from "The Boom" this weekend.
I prefer bourbon or beer with my strippers, but who the fuck am I to argue with a strong and growing trend. Fuck me - long and strong HANS!
JCG is slapping bitches and ho's
my iPod is talking again:

The Bravery: Fearless
Led Zep: When The Levee Breaks
P.O.D: Boom
to whomever said VDSI sucks ... besides the stock price, just read from some tech bull the same thing. He wanted to short it up there but passed & now he still wouldn't buy it

fwiw - I'm long that dawg
Bruce that was me. I have no clue about the stock just the products and they lick donkey balls. I can't advise long or short other than the products since I don't even know what the stock trades for.
What is so donkey ball salivatory about the products? The double key physical elements, or the software?

It strikes me that they are pushing the recurring revenue software aspect full tilt.
why don't you like the products?
Monster is easily the worst tasting of all the energy drinks. I like the stock though cause only morons short stuff at or near 52 week highs. DUH!
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