Thursday, October 04, 2007


Position Update: iiG

"Get your share of the billions being made on the internet."

The squeeze continues.

Regarding HANS -- since 52 was your original price target, is there a valuation at which you would be a seller.
Broker -- you think CALM got a squeeze happening?

Take a peek at LWAY (nasdaq)

They posted a "just below" rev #'s last nite, but they always miss a bit (check the chart and reaction to earning misses). And now, the best part: float is only 4.9 million shares with 17% of it short. Give it 2-3 weeks and it will be at $22+.

Forming a great daily "hammer" for those who try to bring it down in the AM today.

Wow, short interest is still about 50% of iiG shares o/s. Is that accurate? This may go on for a while.

"Jasper, hitch up the wagon! We'z goin' fer a ride!"
The Fly is well aware of LWAY as he is a frequent visitor to my (great) blog, and I have profiled a recent trade in the stock. The stock was also mentioned on Howard Lindzon's blog a week or so ago, and the Fly is a frequent visitor there as well.

Good point.

At first, I thought it made sense to take some off the table, since my price objective was met.

But, after seeing this stock truck forward, I've decided to sit back and let it run.

In short, I feel a buy out is a real possibility and will not sell any more. Instead, I will buy on dips.
Not true.

I've never been to Woodshedders blog.
LWAY got its Whole Foods deal going nicely. More Whole Foods open up, more LWAY sold.

nyhow, short Mets (fire Willie) and long LWAY
Broker: AEZ ?
Mystiky2- I am pondering a re-entry in LWAY as I'm really surprised at the strength today. Any idea when they release the EPS data?

I am hearing not until November, when they file their 10-Q.

All I know that the bull-flag from few days ago is fulyl intact. As long as 17 holds, its still a BUY in my book.

IBD may do a profile on them also -- hearing that.
Agreed on the TA.

They have been in the IBD 100. A profile would be sweet. Hopefully I'm back in before that happens. I'm waiting for tomorrow's jobs report before getting long any thing else.
IIG is forming the handle on its "cup handle formation"
I've never been to Woodshedders blog.

Only that one time to shit all over BRUD.

(when it was $35)
Speaking of WFMI... howabout grabbing yer nutz and buying it for the long term port at $38 or so back in July.

Boy, I thought I'd made a mistake in August.

Luckily, I hardly ever look at that account.
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