Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Position Update: LLNW

On fire.

Fuck you.

*market looking fucked up. Taking profit and secretly building defense?

MU earnings leaked?
its brethren, AKAM is enjoying a major squeeze
Heavy volume in the last hour MU, watch it AH.
Good for you, buddy!

No, really, it's awesome to see all that hard work pay off every now and again.
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SNDK a good way to play MU earnings.
MU owes me money.

Maybe I'll run and scrape some back.

Just got the October 11's for 90 cent.

Now get to work MU-cow. Milky time.
Isn't MU a good way to play MU earnings? This stock game is so confusng sometimes.
Limit your downside risk, do what you want dude.
Farking MU. What a shitty cow you are.

Thanks for the goad-cheese.
Wait for guidance shit head. Ipod nano
Damn, it was just a pun!

Goad Cheese get it??


Mmmm. I just made my self hungry.


BIDrU up 37 dorrah, Amelican!
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