Thursday, October 04, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

Apparently, MVIS launched, or is about to launch, its ROV scanner today ("The Fly" is somewhat confused). If the CEO of FDX is reading this (I know you are), drop that MOT/Symbol shit and get on board the ROV train.

From what I understand, the price will be lower for larger orders. The company has a small sales team in place, in order to get some fucking orders.

Frankly, I'm not too confident of MVIS's ability to sell the ROV, internally. Perhaps it makes sense to outsource the sales aspect to boilers rooms-- that know how to get product out the door.

If anything, this product launch should reduce the company's burn rate. If only FDX would buy a few hundred thousand of these fuckers; then we'd be in business.

We'll see.

Get your ROV scanner here.

Looks like my mouse. Fuck this penny ante shit and get a working PicoP in the users' hands and do it soon!!
I received a response from IR yesterday about lack of PRs. The first paragraph of the response I got was canned, and same as the other person's who posted the message here.

However, there was more, and the gist of it was there would be no PRs unless they were significant or material as they were essentially trying to dig out from a past history of meaningless PRs. Of course, I'm paraphrasing. The email also went on about TI DLP pico vs. MVIS pico. The email made me feel as confident as ever in mvis mgmt.
Screw eggs. The way PTT is behaving, you'd think there was a shortage in titties and beer.
Garmin feeling it. HIFN too.

Good vid: Korn.
M- you must do a new post on your blog, or I will remove you link from my site, effectively limiting you access to my 3 daily readers.

Glad to see we're both making $$$
Yeah, mdawsz, what's up?

Is there really anything else to do but blog now that you don't have to train to mudwrestle ducati?

If I started blogging again it would make all the other 3rd tier blogs look ridiculously bad in comparison. I don't want to be responsible for that.
DT, you know how much time it took installing a mud wrestling ring on my patio just so I could refine my technique! Damn, there's gotta be better ways of settling differences.
What I really want to know is if the 2 pictures Grant had on his blog which he said were of him, were really of him.
Well, if I'm correct, you more or less challenged him to a duel which means he picks the "weapon and venue."

I guess mudwrestling was his thing...

I voted for you.
MDAWSZ, you are forever linked on my site.
So let me get this straight, MaVIS is selling phasers and tri-corders now?

Is Wayne Brady gonna have ta choke a ho??
Dylan Ratigan need to get off the caffeine.
Is it caffeine -- or Co--KAYNE???
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
If prior management's PR's are what got the stock to $68.00 -- then I'M READY FOR SOME MEANINGLESS PR'S!!!
FDX can't buy the ROV, because it would be useless to them. The ROV only reads one-dimensional barcodes, and FDX uses 2-D codes. Here's a link:

Actually, they use both, but the 1-D is on its way out.
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