Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

Co announces it has entered into a development agreement with one of the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturers of mobile phones, digital cameras and personal media players. Under the agreement, the manufacturing partner will integrate Microvision's proprietary PicoP display engine into fully functional stand-alone projector prototypes.
This is much bigger than you might think.

NOTE: My guess: Samsung.

UPDATED NOTE: I have changed my guess to Toshiba.


UPDATE: Fuck you shorts; you're dead.

UPDATE II: Long live Tokman and his thirty elves.

This comment has been removed by the author.
I did respond to your email yesterday afternoon. I think you may have a an "Asshat Blocker" in your gmail.
I know you will ream me for this shit but just to let you know I bought more MVIS yesterday. Reason is this: Once I get so fucking mad to where I break stuff, I broke a laptop yesterday, I know MVIS has hit a bottom. Well that happened yesterday and I posted it here. I also bought 5000 more shares yesterday bringing my total to 35,000. I debated posting this but fuck it what do I care. I am still going to spit on the Merc windows in about 30 minutes. Fuck you shorts.
Yesssssssss! I just added to my position on Friday.
Fly powers up. Yippee aye ehh..
My power has been restored.

Back to kicking the elderly down elevator shafts.
I was feeling shitty this morning, and not looking forward to work... but this makes my world joyful again!

Will this cause a run in the stock?

Fly- March down to STARBUCKS - kick the door open and order the faggiest venti latte on the menu. Keep the cup in case of any reversals throughout the week.
Break out the video of the Asian guy getting kicked down the stairs!

My bet is that "The Fly" makes a cameo on Wallstrip.
Anyone remember this Saturday morning cartoon show?

Fly-der Twin Powers Form of....

A Large Red Assed Baboon Hurling Cane Wielding Wrinklies from Pre-War Architecture!

and, er...

Uhhh.... form of a Glass of Water!!

(The one Twin was always lame, depending)


Congratulations to all MaVIS complainers!!

TOOT! TOOT! MaVIS the Badass!!
More Important Breaking MaVIS news:

Mavis belongs to the Ffarquhar Quarry Company. She was bought to shunt in the sidings and was unreliable at first but after she had helped to save Toby from his tightrope, Sir Topham Hatt and Quarry Manager decided to give her a chance and allowed her to go down the tramway to Ffarquhar Yard. Now she has become quite useful and she and Toby work the tramway very efficiently between them.

Despite looking somewhat like a steam engine, Mavis is in fact a diesel. She is mostly black, with yellow-and-black "hazard" patterning on her front and rear. Like Toby, her six wheels are concealed by sideplates and a cow-catcher. She also has her name, and "The Ffarquar Quarry Co." written on both her sides. To begin with, she had a tomboyish, rebellious attitude. But later, having sobered up, she became a more peaceful natured and liberal 'big sister' role-model to Bill and Ben...

... and Fly.
Jake, MaVIS was seen with Vince Vaughn last night. I hope STeVe doesn't get pissed.
Yes, I too bought my 60k MVIS shares back at the low yesterday.

No sweat. Always knew they'd be back.

Going back to fetch coffee for the future P.O.T.U.S. after I take my meds.
Fucktard- Don't forget the sugar since the bitch needs to sweeten up her personality.

Congrats on sticking by this one.

Oh, BTW - Fuck you Yen!
Told you all it would take is me selling 20% of my position yesterday.
Thank me very much.
Vince likes the big girls, eh?

Good for him.

Skinny STeVe over forty in PM. Bulking up to take on Vince.
FXI up 3% in plee-malket!

I toe you you be solly!
buy so cal homeys?

I think the homebuilders got together and have decided to burn down as many houses as possible to get rid of inventory.
You know what they call that back home in Crooklyn, right Brucie?
Mavis...average retail yawn.
Go BWLD!! Hope it hits $42 today. Wings and beer on Fly tonight huh?
no jake, what?
Here's my thoughts on MVIS: this bitch needs to get her sea legs back. After being kicked around like a Saudi wife, this girl doesn't know up from down. Let her breathe. She'll punch out to new highs soon enough.
Jurish Rightning.


"kicked around like a Saudi wife"

another 900 at 4.30 for me.
MVIS is being pressed by old warrant holders (3,000,000shares) getting out
which has caused the last few weeks lowering. Where they are with getting out and what is left - only the fly would know
Hey fucktard I missed you this morning at the Merc. They chased me away from there after I cussed out the ramp guard. Either way I have to go back to that shit hole tonight for dinner.
In dark humor news:

Let's try that again:

What happens when you defy the Lawd, in the manner of
Fack, the links are not working... click on the time stamp, it's there.
Im feeling a mid - day reversal.... anyone?
CONTACT: Microvision
Matt Nichols (media), 425-882-6657
Tiffany Bradford (investors), 425-936-6847

SOURCE: Microvision
I think I will wait to buy some MVIS after they announce a deal with QCOM,NOK, and all of the worlds cell phone Cos. That should cause it to plunge and that would be a bottom.
I think the reversal was already attempted and failed. But I know nothing, just a guess.
Here's the latest from Mother Market on MaVIS recent' announcement:

"Tokeman lies."
bwld goes higher
Ohhhhh, did we say "a development deal with one of the largest consumer electronic manufacturers?"

We just meant we were doing a copper wiring display deal with Radio Shack!

Apologies for the misunderstanding.

bringing it down to cross a block (getting converters out).. watch and see. then we trade higher.
maybe el grande pussy is right ... warrant holder pressure
I will place my stop loss order at 3.99
I thought you said your announcement was "non-stock related?"

You're good!

trying to pull our choke chain an shit!!
So where do we end the day? I'm fading this gap. Let's see what happens.
MVIS is still gay!
ALVR quiety making an up move over past 2 days - worth watching.

Picked up 4,000 MVIS to help the cause.
What's that?

The whisper was "Samsung?"

Oh geez, I'm sorry you must've misheard.

MaVIS is installing her PicOp technology in a line of Samsonite luggage.


Yesterday was yesterday - you make me laugh no more. Walk in front of a bus fuckface.
You're going to get his panties all twisted WCT.
Relax, dimwits.

Your Alpo will be served shortly.
I'm pretty sure no one will ever buy MVIS pre-open again...

MVIS announces deal with a magical donkey to create lead based pacifiers, full terms of the deal are not disclosed.
You are the bitch on other blogs too, get used to it pussy.
This is the firs deal of many. Good to finally see some news.
Whats this ? The beat up on Jakegint day ?

Lay off Jake y'all . He comes up with good stock picks and his Chinaman impersonations are awesome ....

BTW BOOM is looking good ahead of earnings.
CFC is a gambling mans pick as long as it doesn't break yesterdays lows.
NYX is on fire. Anyone notice it was up on Friday ?
Like i said mid-day reversal now im making money....
Thanks Cap, but save your fire for the non-dimwit attacks.

They are rarer, but not completely uncommon.

New Equity, on the other hand, has been masticating lead-based pacifiers* from the cradle.

No need to waste the keystrokes.


* Laughing my ass off (through my tears) at this and the magic donkey, G&Y
Jake, it is possible that west coast trader, new equity and romeo are all the same - always trying to shit on someone - he's a potato, man!

How does it go...when you say something not nice about another - it's more about how you look - not them
la grande,

You are a tool.

And Jake,

If you took my comment personally, you are the dimwit. Get with the fucking program you sensitive pricks.
West Cloast, note, I dirrent mention you specificary.

Peachin -- you spleak in ord man culious lidders. One too many tlip down de up escaratah, me think.

Confucius, you ain't.
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