Thursday, October 04, 2007


Position Update: NTRI

I sold out 90% of my position, executed last night (AH's) and this afternoon.

I don't trust the company anymore.

Fuck them and may Dan Marino get hit with a bag of shit.

You punted MCHX and look at that stock now.
I'm not bashing you, I do this for a living too, I think I know what its like... my situation is different in that I have a enough put away in tax exempt securities that my trading account while not small, really doesn't matter
your trading account is small tim, go fuck a ducky.
Sorry about your NTRI, but, really, the stock has been falling apart for months. I would have thought the great Fly would have been a little more prescient given their uninspiring earnings, pullback in advertising and dwindling stock price. Shoots, I was kicking myself and I got out at 56.

Easy to say, after the fact.
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