Thursday, October 25, 2007


Position Update: XFML


Be sure to visit "The Fly's" funeral, which will be 'podcasted' live on the internets.

NOTE: In case you are wondering, yes, "The Fly" will be buried in a pineapple coffin.

All of the China names will rise next week when the Fed cuts rates again.
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Fluck you Fry you fluckin bahstud.
U got lipped off buying china stock. We rob you of hahd ealn money. har har har
That Utah single mother bitch is starting to smell like the next Angie Mozillo or Dennis Kozlowski. Is there fraud here? Why they no rike this stock?
Pineapple coffin, you say? Seems rather fancy to me...
I was going to go with the coconut coffin, but it's too cheesy.
pinapple coffin reminds me of U2 popmart, when they emerged from the lemon.
funny as hell
I think that is what the NTRI longs have had poking them in their rears.
Top side in, of course.
Buy some NTGR $30 puts into the earnings tonight. THANK me later.

That sucker is going to $28.

Of course, shorting common is also allowed.

NTGR will not have impressive guidance at all.
I want my pineapple coffin to have its stem sticking out of the ground, so that it may trip people walking by.

You may be right. Fuck NTGR.
BIDU earnings tonight will save world markets

if they miss, kiss it all goodbye
ok, I shorted some NTGR for entertainment purposes .

If you are wrong Mystique, I am gonna borrow Fly's laserbeam to singe your butthairs off.
Broker: Is EQIX a short?
BIDU misses, the world goes into depression.

It's that simple.
EQIX is not a short.

technically, its looking precipitous ...

or rainy
LMAO!! enough!! This shit is too fucking funny! Fly should be on HBO Comedy Series.

"I want my pineapple coffin to have its stem sticking out of the ground, so that it may trip people walking by."
On NTGR - I expect them to beat and guide a little higher -- like last time:

NTGR reports Q2 revenue of $164.3M vs. estimates of $163.2M. Sees Q3 revenue $178M-$182M vs. estimates of $177.4M

But look what happened the next day -- it went from $36 to $26. Margins are dissapearing!!!!

So please dont panic cover if you see it up $1. Read the press release SLOWLY!
I suppose Bush means well but hes such a twit.
oh now you tell me - I could have waited to short after hours on the phony spike ... oh well, as Fly says: 'its only green paper with funny faces on it'
I have a nagging feeling BIDU is gonna rip me a new, fresh, large one in just under an hour.
former highflier ANW getting stuffed
no matter what BIDU reports, its a buy ... analysts will be tripping over each other to raise estimates & targets.

fwiw . i sold my add fm 335 today at 345 & am holding my core .. will add if it gets crushed
I've traded it 6 or 7 times over the last few days. so far, a healthy profit.
I want to be buried in a giant hand gernade that will trigger in the event of an earthquake.
you need a doctor man.

Funny shit.
I knew Broker A would appreciate the psycho ramblings.
Burial AND cremation?



Hope y'all have yer silver.


Volume picking up in the dead zone XFML here, could mean we will turn in another week from the 5 handle somewhere...

EXM is next to watch launch the elevator shaft - going down like the Edmund Fitgerald. Looking for $70 near term.

How bout Mr. Softee? No one liked it from $27, maybe at $35 after hours? The Facebook was a gig to GOOG, for the price of 2 days of HALO

Fuck you and your ruler.
The FLY:

My condolence on your huge loss on XFML. I knew you kept adding position even as it was proven to be a total loser. You may have a high IQ but you are are just too sturbburn. This is reflected in your sturbburn refusal to consider buying SWC.

Let me repeat, just go buy some SWC and PAL, you will make some very good money, and change your bad luck. Need any reason? Just check out the KITCO web site and see how the PGM metal prices are going crazy and keep breaking new high! There are some fundamentals in the play here.

If I am willing to put 90% of my 401K to concentrate on just two stocks, there must be some good reasons I did that!!!

Want to make 100 folds? Let me give you a hint, area 52.
talk about sturbburn jj ... you are the most sturbburned t-girl

but at least now you have Jim Rogers in your plutonium
JJ: just curious; where'd you get your GED ?
Yup, Jim Rogers is heavily into PGM metals. He prefers palladium better than platinum. This is a guy who can single fingeredly lift palladium price by his own even if nothing else in the palladium world happens.

I need to get to him, and tell him about fuel cell and cold fusion. That way he will put an even bigger stake on PGM metals.
Jim Rogers is my hero. I recommend two books of his which are must reads. I should have read his books a few years earlier:

Adventure Capitalist
Hot Commodities
Watch Jim Rogers inverview.
JJ: Maybe you should have put that 90% into SLW. It sure smoked your SWC today.
One day performance is not important. I am aiming for long term gain. SWC has had several days when it gained 6% to 10% a day. SLW is good but not as good as PGM play. The $3.42B people put in SLW market cap can be better spent purchasing physical silver, which is 248M ounces worth of silver. In comparison SLW only buys and sells 3M ounces of silver a quarter. So silver is a much better deal than SLW.
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