Thursday, October 25, 2007


Quick Alert: China is a Communist Country

Due to this breaking news, shares of XFML are worth more dead, in a coffin, buried 20 feet in the ground, than publicly traded.

What a great fucking investment, thus far. I can't wait to see how earnings pan out.

Can't fucking wait.

At least you have GD to brag about, I have pretty much nothing in the last 2 weeks :(
Come to the dark side and buy CHME.ob. It's up today and if you dig further you'll see why it will outperform XFML for the year.
Come to the dark side and buy some crude oil. Black gold. Texas Tea. I want to know if anyone out there will short USO.
My fucking old Saddam money is outperforming XFML.
hhahahahaha old Saddam money. hahahahahahaa
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don't worry, if XFML reports a shitty quarter, it will be 'mostly' priced in
I dont get it. With some of the players behind XFML you'd think it would do something for chrisake. Then again VMI posts great numbers and continues to slide. at least my little slanty eyed yellow stocks AOB, SDTH, And XFML arent trading at 100/1 PEs. How low can they go?

Meanwhile stocks like ISRG trading at 100/1 PEs go to 200/1...

Odd no?


Well, you continue to fight the trend down (both 30min and 60min bars with 20 period MA) XFML has not been able to reverse yet. I think we are looking at the $5.50 level now, so I am short the May 5s against the position. Suck some premium out, and into expiration last week, the step up volume in the Nov 7.5s and 10s of over 300 contracts one day was on the open interest side expanding.

Best oil idea: Short XON now for moves into the low 80s.
Ouch. Sorry mystiky2...
NTGR After Hours: 35.50 +4.01 (12.73%) - Oct 25, 7:56PM ET
Netgear Q3 Profit Soars 66%; Sees Q4 Revenue Above Consensus

The house always wins...
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