Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Quick Alert: Going to Light some Firecrackers

Due to today's market decline, "The Fly" has decided to walk around the neighborhood, while tossing around cherry bombs.


i just got back from a trip to NYC. had a surreal experience, thought i'd share it.

i'm strolling over to the apple store in soho, when I notice some commotion on a street corner. hmmm...

is that stephen baldwin?
and his brother alec?


with lenox lewis...

and country singer trace adkins...and some kick boxer with bleach blond hair.

and wait...thats pussy from the sopranos.

tv cameras.

alec wants to leave, but cant start his car...

puss flags me over. "you seem like a nice guy. wanna meet lenox lewis?"

uh sure i reply.

tv cameras in my face.

i could sense a fuck job. what is this, some kick box the southerner in nyc? nah, i back away

it was very strange.

truly odd, no?
ps - i added another 8k to my BOOM position sub 47.5. looks like it is turning. earns tomorrow, should be great. guidance is key. i'm curious if they are gonna fret about the global slowdown in chinese burritos. i doubt it. beat and raise is what i say.
nyc is truly a model of diveristy. where else can you find a mobster, a black kickboxer with bleached hair, a sexist country singer, a prize fighter, a child beater and his born again brother on one street corner.
Alright Boomer you've sold me. Buying some BOOM.
Being a degenerate OTB guy I think I'll gamble 2% of the portfolio on this one.
Boom. You need to stay in CrackerBarrell. Pussy is an actor and Alec Baldwin, while a liberal asshat, didn't give the daughter even half the "coffee is for closers" treatment she deserved.

In Massapequa, verbal chafery isn't even "tough love."

What she needed was a good beatin'.
Actor is the loosest possible sense of the word, me thinks.
I see Alec Baldwin all the time frequenting restaurants with various young accutrements on his arm. He should give NTRI a call.

He introduces himself, 'Hi, I'm Alec Baldwin'. ... I think - yeah, you want a fucking medal, el douchebag?

that said, I like his temper.
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