Monday, October 22, 2007


Quick Alert: Reverse Ball Snipping

Apparently, there is a wave of 'sell the bounce' taking place in the market. Much of the DOW weakness is attributed to XOM, MMM, DD, AXP and AA. I called for a bottom, thanks to the strength in the Naz 100, with AAPL GRMN, SHLD, YHOO, NVDA and AMZN leading the way.

However, with small caps and brokers weakening, while the DOW is hamstrung, tech buyers are losing conviction.

Naturally, I am over analyzing this shit and it's really not my game. With that being said, I'm off to go for a walk.

I'm getting a bad feeling that both the bulls and the bears are weak old men who deserve to be kicked down stairs...

I want one of the old men to kill the other old man. Preferably by the end of next week so I can take a vacation.

You are going to have to bring a pair of titanium garden shears to snip my balls. I backed up the truck on SLW this morning, and am thinking of backing a similar truck up to the rear bay trucking depot of STeVe.

Read the whole prospectus this weekend and needed a box of Kleenex at the end. Haven't had that kind of wood since my first Playboy.

Also had a nice fat 28 day dry-aged 18 oz New York Strip last night to honor Osi Umanyora's Lawrence Taylor-like sack, strip and run back for a touchdown last night.

Feeling very heady. Bring the electric garden shears.
I think BOOM has solidified. I've added 5k shares back.
Speaking of trucking depots, UPS is up this morning. UPS is never up if the market is shitting for real.
Speaking of gardening shears, I nominate that "You'll never make it in pro football commercial" where the guy throws the gnome at the target on the prompting of John Madden, misses the whole shebang and clunks off a guy's doing topiary's arm, causing him to lop off the head of a giraffe bush, as the funniest commercial I've seen in five years.

It even had my ten year old son doing the Ray Liotta laugh during the Giant game yesterday.
UPS reports earnings in the morning. People are betting on a good report.
the axe on BOOM has spoken & I take note .. but i'll wait for a bit lower px's or another couple days

however, some toe dippage may be in order
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Hope your appetite is as big as your vagina flaps Jake. You're going to be eating your words soon enough.
I eat words for a living shitlips.

How much of a misogynist is this troll, anyway? Don't you know that women are stronger than men, you big pussy?
Maybe the ones you date, Igor.
Probably Grand Poussee/Peachin troll again.

Third time's a charm.
do you plan to buy more MVIS at these low prices or would you sell some. Would you share your current plan with us?
I don't know why you must ask, but keen eyes saw he already posted on MVIS today:

"If I didn't own so much, I'd be a buyer right here.

From my standpoint, it doesn't make sense chasing under performance.

However, if I were new to the name, I'd be buying hand over fist."

He's not adding to an oversized position, but you can!
bruce - dont forget BOOM earns this week.
thx boomer
any guesses how they'll come in?
homeys up across the board ... that is NOT a bad thing ... stick that feather in the bulls camp
very, very well

but how the market will respond is another thing. so...I am nibbling, and using stops...
Bruce - i added back 8k today.
u da man playing for keeps .. that ain't exactly chump change
or stoopid. we'll see.
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