Thursday, October 04, 2007


Quick Alert: Someone Punched off Willie Randolph's Mustache

My guess, this guy knocked it off.

That's farking hilarity.

Must've been short some Chinese solars.

Does he have escalator tread marks on his forehead as well? Hard to tell from this angle.
Does that sign in the background say MILF Technologies? LMAO.
Speaking of shorts being thrown head first down mall escalators... SHED! Checkout da BRUD!
Now he looks like Angelo Mozillo
Are you sure that's not Ernie Banks 40 years ago?
Must be something wrong with that Dr. Rickson. He and all of those other Aggies have been smelling the cow chips too long.
Jake, been loving the BRUD action all day. Thing is, there wasn't a large amount of short interest going into this morning. I think that is bullish, that f-ers have thrown 3 million shares at a stock that is at 52 week highs and up 10% on the day. I'm holding for higher prices.

I thought I saw 6.5 mm shares short.
WTF is BRUD???
Cigars.... sorry man it's "BLUD"

We're Hong Konging it up, blo.
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