Friday, October 26, 2007


Quick Alert: We've got a 'Leg-Breaker'-CFC

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled bowl of cereal, Mr. Short Seller.

Mr. Mozilo asked me to give this to you (breaks legs with a portable tanning machine).

Back to your regularly scheduled bowl of cereal.

I want to run a company where I can tan all day in my office, I can lose $1.2 billion in a quarter and my stock price goes up 22% and I can dress like a fucking sleaze bag with $9,000 cufflinks.
that pic you found looks like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, just before hitting a Jedi with a "Force Bukkake"

My son is star wars crazy right now.

This is what Mozillo will look like in 20 yrs:
Boomer, no, no he won't. Looks like that emperor hasn't been in the sun for quite some time. Looks a little pale to me.
I'm thinking that his doctor said no more sun...but the wrinkles stayed, and he covers his subprime shame with the hood.
LOL, holy shit, Boomer, I was thinking the same exact thing on that pic.

Freaking Oompah Loompah Tan Man has his midachlorians on high arc this morning.
I'm cracking up. Mr. Mozilo never gets old.
At the risk of sounding like JJ, if you don't have the brass clangers to get ye some SLW, at least put some SLV (Hereafter called "SyLVester") in your long term IRA-ish type accounts.

I'm beginning to think those fucktards down at the Comex are finally losing their (short) grip on the stuff.

Not good for aforesaid fucktards.
So Boomer, have you picked out your South Pacific island yet?
Jake- The interesting thing is that if you look at the COT for the last several weeks the "smart" money, being the commercials, are extremely bearish on the metals.
Got to be careful on the metals COTs... some of it could be price hedging by the miners, and the amount of money spent for "window dressing" because the markets are so much smaller than say the SP 500 futures, etc, does not have to be a lot. There is rumor that sometimes even the USGov't has a hand in the "dressing" for Bernake purposes.

In short, the COT position has been "run over" before.

Gary at is pretty good with this stuff.
Jake - Nah. I just put it on the pile. Don't spend shit. Sold my watches. Drive a $1500 car. I am seriously demented that way. Everyone I know thinks I broke and can't get a job. Dum fuckers. I am Mozillo undercover.

I think this VDSI thing has legs. Did you read that comment from Sean about the EU vacation or something?
No... do you have a link?


I wish I "didn't spend shit." Believe me, if I had my way, my two biggest expenses would be my favorite micro-brew beer and the $250 a season I pay to Direct-TV for "Sunday Ticket" to watch my beloved NY Football Giants.

(Money incredibly well spent, btw... I wonder if those fuckers know how incredibly inelastic my demand curve is for that service? They could quadruple the price and I'd pay it gladly... shhhhh!)

Unfortunately, I have these parasitical appendages of the genus "Spousas et Braticuses" that tend to want to spend my minty paper with handsome Presidential portraits affixed.

Damndest thing. Should have read the "warrantees" section.
selling BOOM Boomer?
Not selling. Looking for upgrades. Sidoti, Jeffries and hopefully JPM to stimulate buying. Then the shorts will get a Mozillo to the crotch. This time I am holding for $68.
He's so fucking tanned... it's weird.

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