Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Sector Spotlight: China

How could I go wrong buying stocks made in China?

If any of you fuckers missed the dot com bubble from 1998-2000, the recent Chinese stock melt up is almost identical. One day, most of these stocks will peak and start to destroy the net worths of the fucktarded investor class, but not yet.

Looking at my position sheet, I am part of that fucktarded investor class.

Currently, I have a large position in FMCN, decent size position in CN and small dice rolling positions in XFML and CAAS. Also, it's worth noting, I still have 200 shares of EJ.

Fun times to be a Beijing broker. "The Fly" may have to move to China, in order to bank a little more coin.

Did you know 30% of BWLD's restaurants are in Ohio?

I did.

Did you know the Cleveland Indians are playing the New York Yankees in the playoffs?

Trust me when I say, the restaurants will be packed for the games. Should the Indians beat the Yanks, expect the stock to rip higher.

Yes, it's that simple.

Go Indians.

Also, are you aware of the egg shortage in America?

As a result of high feed prices and pressure by animal rights groups, like PETA, egg production is on the decline. Many egg producers are scaling back production, due to the uncertainty of feed prices and have opted to go "cage free." Free range chicken is all the rage.

How fucking queer.

Nonetheless, CALM (biggest producer of eggs in the U.S.) has been on fire, thanks to a significant rise in egg prices. Should supply remain low and PETA have its way, CALM can continue to steam roll higher.

Finally, many of you internet fools do not understand the MVIS story. Just know this, should MVIS have a Picop that is ready or "almost ready" for commercialization by CES (January, '08), the stock will be double digits. Right now, the only ambiguity about the technology is whether the engineers can get the wattage low enough to mesh with the electronics of a handset. From what I understand, the company is ahead of schedule, with regards to technological advancement of the Picop, and should stun the crowds at CES in January.

If MOT will present jointly with MVIS, the press may anoint MVIS King of the mini projector. We shall see.

last sentence, check grammar
MVIS starting to get some legs.
fuck you, grammar nazi.
your welcome
I like the idea that the Yankees go to the world series and the other 70% of the BWLD will be packed.

Who the fuck wants to see Cleveland Vs. Philly?
Sox will win it all this year
Even the biggest MVIS hater has to recognize that the trade into CES is money in the bank.

Just look at how MVIS' share price behaved last year in the weeks leading up to the show.

Bruce, it's "you're" not "your."

"you're" correct

now go fuck a PETA
Here comes compitition.

"DLP's latest prototype is in the form factor of a contemporary slim cell phone, measuring in at around 10 millimeters in thickness, with no fan or other moving parts."

"DLP has enhanced picture quality of its smallest projector, the pico, by incorporating the first ever speckle-free solution"

We better get some fucking news out of mvis today. This is bullshit. Looks like TI is gaining on us big and investors are getting shakey.

No doubt expect to be wowed at CES. But I think "ready for commericalization" by Jan 08 is a little soon. Tho I suppose that depends on what you mean by that term. Any of your minion able to report on the SID show MVIS is at today?
BTW brilliant analysis regarding BWLD and Ohio. Never would have thought of it with my lowly 154 IQ.

Were yoiu able to find out anything about this Robert Hsu dude regarding EJ? That dude can move a stock! I signed up for his "free" newsletter. Comes out every thurs.
One of my clients swears by that Hsu fucker.

He recommended WX yesterday.

I'll give you updates.
Thanks. WOrth buying more EJ here? or is the effect usually "Cramer-like" and temporary?
I'm still not worried about TI. Tokman has said it need to be 7mm thick for embedded. TI is 10mm. And can only show 8x11. And notice they never mention battery life? DLP is an "always on" technology. It gets hot and burns battery.

Tho something from MVIS would be fucking nice here.
Fuckin A! WX goes from 28-34 on his rec? Damn. If we can get this guys picks early, it looks like a no brainer! It's hard to believe I got only TWO hits on a google search of him yesterday.
Really want to get some VMI here. It has always gone up after retracing to these levels. And they DO have a coating segment, tho its like 10% of their revs. But they flat out stated on the last CC they didnt expect 2H to be as good as 1H. Does that conceren the fly?

Remember, all stocks in the 80's go to 120.
So you should be buying some MON-stah right now.

Of course, they split MON-stah the last time it went over $90.
I recd WX the day you bought EJ
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