Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sector Spotlight: China

Unfortunately, investors do not believe the MVIS news to be significant. For numerous reasons, the street does not believe Tok & co, shrugging off meaningful news as nothingness. However, as usual, they're wrong. MVIS has all their ducks in order and will see greener stock prices. I'll be patient.

As for the general market:

Despite the kick ass nature of AAPL, the bears are pressing the bulls necks against a hot blade-- causing an intra-day reversal. However, the trannies and tech stocks have strength.

My sense, the buyers step in, late in the day, despite the gayness in MMM and WMT.

Also, dollar weakness is helping precious metal stock, but not oil. Odd no?

This paradigm will not last.

Finally, Chinese related names are on fucking fire, with balled up moves in LFC, BNSO, JOBS, QXM, FMCN, KUN, BIDU, MR, GRRF, GSI, EDU, NED and ATV. XFML better go higher.

1 year from now MVIS run high, I'm not going to get in and out for it will jump to Calavaras.
"For numerous reasons, the street does not believe Tok & co..."

Fly, can you elaborate on any of the reasons? Perhaps because Tokman only owns 13,000 shares???

Basically, this has perplexed me all along. I'm not sure why they do not believe. If they did, the stock would be $10, today.

Maybe it has something to do with past management and the string of losses the company has registered.

One thing is clear: if Tok and MVIS really have the goods, they're (the street) pretty much giving the stock away.

Conservatively,upon commercialization of the Picop, the stock should go to $15.

Also, another reason to scratch your head and wonder why Tok hasn't bought more stock.
market maker man seems to control price. I guess it is just as simple as show me the money coming in. Investment banks don't like it when they have no money to play with. Fuck I don't know, she's creeping up again.
Keep an eye on ULTA IPO. This is one recession proof co. People can be broke but they'll still spend money to look good...
Tok should take a cue from Immelt (disclosed he bought $3.3M of GE yesterday) and at least be a larger shareholder than all the Fly-wanna-be's on this blog.
Broker: Have you asked Tokeman why he isn't buying stock?

A token Tokeman purchase is in order.
do you think may be AT would get himself in trouble if he bought while the contract negotiations are going on? Would you not consider this insider trading if he bought say two weeks ago and bam an announcement of a new partner. I think they may have a freeze on insider trading right now.
A.T. has options, and plenty of time. The company has always traded on promise (or lack thereof) and now needs results as in... show me the goods. Management team has had a stellar year reaching company goals... now if they would just manage the stock better as in... track progress via better press releases. I suspect this secrecy-to-maintain-competitive-edge crap prohibits them from releasing more news, which basically sucks the big bag of dicks for those of us holding sizable positions. whoever said patience is a virtue is an asshat.
This deal was inked long ago.
What makes you say that?
My guess, Tokman fought hard to get this news out.

Cell phone industry: very secretive.
Asian cell phone industly even moah seclative.

Rikely Tlokmon lisking testicar snippage wif announcement.

In midder of night, sirentry.
Tokman = Cinderella Man.

Cell phone industry: Paranoid.
The Nokia CEO even said, 'I'm paranoid about the competition" on the NOK cc.
Gotta love competition. That's why my current space-time calculating Orgasmaberry does everything but quick-sere the ribeyes in the 900 degree broiler for me.

And they say this CRAAPL thing is even better.

Odd, no?


My friend STeVe to the beartards (Ray Liotta voiceover):

You tink we in Asian bubber?

Fluck you, pay me.

You berieve Chinee digiter terevision fad?

Fluck you, pay me.

You tink fast riving Chinee midder crass yuppie take up leading lomance novers any time soon?

Fluck you, pay me.

Know anything of Foxconn technology group?


A guy I know who has an inside connection to MVIS offerred them up as an educated guess.

It makes more sense than samsung or LG or sony in this regard-

"The projector prototypes are expected to be marketed to leading consumer electronics companies for private labeling and distribution for mobile applications including mobile phones and other devices."

Why would Samsung build something then offer it up to the competition? Makes no sense.

But an independent company who can develop and mfr it and then go to ALL Consumer Electronics companies and say, "This is it. Your logo goes right here..."

This may be more of a master stroke than is being recognized. Tokman may have just landed every leading CE company in the world as sellers of the final accessory product.

in ancient Rome you could kill your competition.

we evolve. too bad.

cell industry competition will ultimately drive this bitch higher when everyone's panties are finally visable.
I retract my Samsung guess.

I am now guessing Toshiba.
Keep retracting. Again, why would one of these companies offer up their device to the competition?

Check THIS out:

Foxconn (富士康) is the trade name of the Taiwanese firm Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (Ltd.) (LSE: HHPD) (NASDAQ: HNHPF). Foxconn is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and computer components worldwide, and mainly manufactures on contract to other companies. Although sometimes referred to as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Foxconn would be more accurately described as an Original Design Manufacturer. Among other things, Foxconn produces the Mac mini, the iPod and the iPhone for Apple Computer; Intel-branded motherboards for Intel Corp.; various orders for American computer retailers Dell, Inc. and Hewlett Packard; the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 for Sony; the Wii for Nintendo, and cell phones for Motorola.[1][2]

The company was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of plastic products (notably connectors) by Terry Gou, who remains its CEO. It has been listed on the Taiwanese stock exchange since 1991. It is Taiwan's largest private company, with a revenue of US$13 billion in 2004 and US$40.6 billion in 2006.[3][2]

Foxconn mainly manufactures in China; in 2007 it employed 450,000 people there and was China's largest exporter. The company opened its first manufacturing plant in China in 1988, a factory in Shenzhen that is now the company's largest, with 270,000 employees.[2][4] Beginning in 1994, Foxconn purchased development centres in the United States and Japan. The years 1998 and 1999 saw the establishment of additional manufacturing plants in Great Britain and the USA. As of 2007, the company and its subsidiaries owned plants in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, India and Vietnam

I think ol cigs may have something here..
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