Friday, October 26, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Energy

"The Fly" doesn't want to get paid in dollars anymore. I want my pay to come in the form of a fucking oil barrel or gold bricks. This dollar shit is for morons, asshats, or people who work at WMT.

And, we have a rally, thanks in part to a 'well-hung' earnings report from MSFT. Also, it appears the tanned one (CFC) is pulling rabbits out of his ass, promising to book a profit next quarter.

As a result, we have a lose-lose situation for the shorts transpiring. I see you fuckers trying to lean on weak DOW components, desperately attempting to bring the market lower. It's not going to work today, fuckface. My sense, we close up between 1-2%. Too many bearshitter, too little robster.

By far, my best performers are my refinery plays, ALJ, VLO and DK, thanks in part to the old fucker at Tracinda taking a piece of TSO. In my opinion, the refiners have a lot of catching up to do, with oil above $90. Also, the oil service stocks are on fucking fire, with mind numbing gains in FTK, GHM, OII and DWSN.

My favorite plays are the refiners, especially VLO and ALJ.

Also, keep an eye on some of the metal stocks, they've been lagging. Should the sector catch fire, "The Fly" will double up on his RS position.

Finally, I'm going to put my neck out there and say the Morgan Keegan analyst, who downgraded BWLD on valuation, is a heroin addict--who has no idea how good BWLD is doing. Comparing BWLD to CMG, one could make the argument that BWLD is 50% undervalued.

Go eat some wings, you fat fuckers.

NOTE: JP Morgan is a criminal enterprise.

"Too many bearshitter, too little robster." - love it

I agree with BWLD, that is the spot around my neck of the woods. I go there at least 2 times a week, no bullshit. Oh, and they are on a wait every time I go.
I shorted small some of the tanned fucker .. for fun .. I want to have a stake in his whiter shade of pale.
Hedge funds are crooks for pouring all of this $$ into crude oil. One day the floor trap will be opened. There must be a bullshit premium of at least $35 built into the price.
Lets go ahead and add insult to injury and shave another 2% off of VDSI. Why the fuck not?
I had another bid @25.50 ... of course it didn't get filled.
fuck fuqi
Wasn't that the low? Must have a shit of load offers.
Daytraders take a look at PMI for a buy now.
Why are the BWLD options so expensive? I still might buy the 40 options.
Go bwld! Back to 42 next week.
Buy VDSI, sell Nov calls.
fm Todd Harrison @ minyanville on BIDU -

I had dinner with my buddy last night (among others) who has been bang on with his (BIDU) call. He told me off-line that he plans on selling his holdings to the Chinese when those "in country" are finally allowed to buy the stock (ie-it's listed overseas). His take, for what it's worth, is that BIDU will pop a few hundred points on that news and he'll make a sale with an 8-handle.

To be clear, I have never owned this stock and I'm not buying it now. But, as he's been very good in the name, I wanted to share his fare. You always wanna see both sides of every trade and, well, now you do.
got filled on more VDSI .. I have one last order at the 200 simple ma around 24.20

God help us after that
Fly, WNR should be the one to take a look at. It is the most beat up refinery stock, for no reason.

Refiners from summer highs to recent lows:

TSO: -37% $63 to %46 today not used
FTO: -37% $48 to $35
DK: -25% $30 to $24
VLO: -24% $78 to $63
WNR: -86% $65 to $36

WNR has a better chance to maximize your gains once you buy it back for the spring move. Wait for an uptrend and the crack spread to improve.
I am going to post this shit up higher so you monkeys can see it.
EJ still going. i suspect it is from continued Hsu 'teasers' regarding anyone who signed up for the emails (not the actual newletter). Youd have to be a total retard not to be able to figure out who he is talking about.

He supposed to come out with another next week. It's probably an instant buy, if you can discover who it is.

EJ never went very far below the price it rose to the first day of his rec, and has added another 20% since.
Filled now... I have now tripled my position in VDSI since the drop.

Brass clanker time.
Thinking of getting more BRUD too, lol!
I subscribe to the Hsu letter.

That man knows Chinese.

Nonetheless, yesterday he recommended TKC.

EJ is on his buy list.
broker - plz elaborate on the JPM slam.
Agreed if you compared it to CMG it would be undervalued by about 50%, but that isn't a fair comparison.

CMG gets tons of people in and out with minimum overhead and has lots of people who just pickup food and head out. BWLD they sit around and watch games while drinking beer. That's great, but not when they eat, have 2 beers, and then sit there for the next 2 hrs preventing you from turning the table over. Not to mention the idiot work buddies who come along and don't even drink. BWLD is great, it just can't do the volume per location that CMG can.
I know Hsu has MR on it also. also a China power co. Forget which one. I think he is coming out with a new one on Monday.

You'll let us know what it is wontcha?

I am judging CMG and BWLD by net margins, or the only stat that counts in the restaurant business.


Their estimates on XFML are too high and they know it.

Two analysts at .06, two at .15.

How could this be, especially when JP was lead underwriter?

Answer: Criminal enterprise.

You and your minions talked to them and they have no problem being 150% more than the other 2?

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