Monday, October 22, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

A steal at the open!

I don't know who put in all of those fucktarded sell at the open orders; but he/she should be fired. Who does shit like that?

There is too much apprehension in the bear camp and the bulls know it. While it's true, I can come back here, in about an hour, and eat my words; nonetheless, "The Fly" says we've bottomed.

A trading bottom, if I might suggest.

Right out the gates, I caught a bargain in FXI, down 20. Looking at a few stocks, FTK just opened, down $4.5-- a steal. Also, WBD opened down $5, another steal.

NOTE: All of the brokers are buys, right here.

In short, this is the time when you can bank profuse coin, while punching off the mustache's of bearshitters.

newsflash - xfml is green
Don't fucking jinx it.
Hey fry,
is you be a buyin mvis up in here. Since, I be losin alot o dough I had to relocate to a ghetto.
fuck you ... i may be old & bitter, but I am no jinx

I'll buy more MVIS when the insiders buy.

sounds fuking fair? I think I'm about to call IR at MVIS and have a little talk straight gangsta style.

If I didn't own so much, I'd be a buyer right here.

From my standpoint, it doesn't make sense chasing under performance.

However, if I were new to the name, I'd be buying hand over fist.
I lightened up on 8,000 shares of MVIS at 4.22. I was way overweighted in it. So now it can run...........
I see your faith is still intact. But apparently others don't. Not only we don't have buyers buying hand over fist, we have current holders selling thier positions. This slow bleeding makes me think some of the current holders are losing faith. May be they know some of the tech hurdles such speckles, power consumptions issues are thogh to come over in near future.
On a more hopeful side, May be the comment from corning abour mini projector modules in 08 was AT's doing, just like MOT announcing their name.
I don't know just thinking out loud.
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