Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

I'd much rather be a taco salemen, than managing money-- at this juncture.

Well, thanks to MER, AMZN and a myriad of earnings disasters, we are setting up for a 3% down day. Name any financial, it's getting killed.

Now of course, there are some oddities in the market today, like NYX, HANS and other weird stocks trading higher. But, for the most part, especially in tech, stocks are getting the old buckshot to the face.

The silver lining: MER can't post numbers tomorrow.

So, for now, I'll watch my stocks, in amazement, lose value, while quietly sipping on a cup of Monster Energy Soda.

NOTE: LFT came public.

NOTE II: Morgan Keegan is a bucket shop.

you don't drink directly from the can?

odd, no?
I used to date a woman that worked at Morgan Keegan.

She was a little too easy, had some emotional issues, and was very clingy early in the relationship.

Shortly thereafter, I downgraded our relationship to 'sell'.

Unlike Morgan's meaningless downgrade of BWLD on valuation, her fundamentals had deteriorated and her assets were overvalued.
I'll be damned! Someone is bidding up ole MaVIS.
I drink my Monster out of a champagne glass.
Marty Whitman recently tripled down on his RDN bet. He must keep a puke bucket next to his desk, at all times.

Senile or genius. Time will tell.
RDN is a dangerous place.
champagne glass?

I drink my monster from a jewel encrusted goblet a la 'lil John.
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