Friday, October 05, 2007


Sector Spotlight: INDIANS IN 5

We seem to have the best of both worlds, good growth and fucked up banks. As a result, we may enjoy rate cuts in a growing economy, asshattery at its best.

However, who am I to judge? Last time I checked, I drove my dynamite filled shit mobile into a mountain of uneaten NTRI food, yesterday.

Today's gain in RIMM helps erase my NTRI "endeavor." However, I am treating this NTRI shit separately-- and will use the proceeds of the NTRI sales to recover losses. I intend to accomplish this task, amongst others, within the month.

I'll have you know, "The Fly" is consuming his first cup of coffee (Dunkin' in a 'Buck cup), in over a month. As you know, because of this "newz," MVIS will trade higher.

Also, I'm digging VMI here, ahead of numbers. Next stop: $99.99. And, I started a position in TBL, ahead of cold weather. The stock has been obliterated, as of late. I'm looking for a bounce.

Finally, "The Fly" is handing out beat downs to bearshitters in BWLD. If you care to receive one, sell short a few thousand and prepare to get your chest cavity stomped.

Indians in 5.

again, no bwld near the jake. and fuck that. indians in 3.


School is making you dumb.

20-30% of BWLD's restaurants are in Ohio. Indians play in Ohio.

My guess, people thatr do not live near "The Jake" will like to see the game too, providing they live in the bullshit state of Ohio.
By the way, the longer the series goes, more $$$ for BWLD.

That's why I said 5.
i understand. but in terms of people going to bars downtown to watch the game-- which is quite popular. cannot happen at bwld. i believe there is only 1 in the area. most bwlds are in the suburbs. fortunately, most college kids are returning home for the series.

fuck you. indians in 3.

Fuck you all. Cardinals in 7.
Hey asshole:

That's like saying, the only Yankee fans live in the poverty stricken Bronx.


Indian fans are everywhere in Ohio.

They're going nuts now, eating wings at a profuse rate.

Don't fuck with me.

Fuckers in 5.
Headline amended to reflect the truth.

The debate is over. It has been told.
being a die hard indians fan and an owner of the stock. indians in 3.

ntri kind of looks like your mets, no?

I'm not a Met fan.
Indians win the World Series in 19 games. Browns V. Bengals in AFC Championship- The Ohio State wins BCS...And Lebron gets his first Ring this year. I'm eatin at the "Wing"
lets talk about lebron. what a fucking cuntrag. the face of cleveland sports supports the yankees. he got booed out of the stadium

That was ingratitude at its best.

Hey dumbass!! Fly is (david) wright!! shutup already!

(sorry fly, cheap shot)
It's just bidnizis man---swwooooshh-

Oh and Lebron is really 21 yrs old and steroid free.

What happened to good ole Cleveland Jokes.
no, lebron is clean. ive known him since high school, give him that much. but he is a douche. he once showed up to my friends house with $8m in a duffel bag and offered to buy the house and everything in it. true story.

You should have beat the shit out of him, taken the money, and bought his own house out from under him.
CRDC moonshot
Ok-- I believe he is steroid free. And Michael Jordan doesn't like to gamble.

I wonder if Lebron will give semi-pro baseball a shot too.
How bout that Marion Jones ho finally coming clean? Married to a known & convicted drug dealer; bitch thought she could fool the stupid masses.

And I'll kick the dead - Flo Jo .. no way that finger nail queen was cleen.
Flo Jo looked like she was packing a baby squirrel in those shorts.

Bruce, don't you have some pics of her.
Flo Jo Roidster
lebron is actually good enough to play mlb. he was a star wide receiver in hs too.

Sheeeit, that wasn't no Flo-Jo, Brucie.

That was Michael Jackson fleeing and angry parent.
Oh, yeah, Yankees in four, fucknecks.
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