Monday, October 01, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Internet

Fuck GRMN and their stupid gps tracking devices. The NOK for NVT deal is definitely a killer for GRMN. I would not buy this dip, yet. Plus anyway, I really do hate GRMN. I don't know why; I just hate gps tracking fucktards.

How about this market?

The banks are telling us they are screwed, thanks to subprime. The dollar is a joke and commodity prices are exploding to the upside. Yet, the market is poised to make new highs.

The lesson: timing the market, based upon macroeconomic trends, is always a money loser. You're better off following price action, with conservative asset allocation.

Thus far, internet related names are on fire, with gains in TZOO, SCOR, OSTK, CTRP, RATE, GOOG, KNOT and SINA.

In short, the 4th quarter is the time to own internet related names, partly due to online shopping.

With my money, I like ERTS, iiG, BWLD and NTRI.

Broker, where or when would you buy GRMN ?
Fly, did you just say you preferred technical analysis?

"You're better off following price action..."

Me thinks you just gave props to the chart chompers.
Fly - I was thinking of picking up a few thousand shares of METS after they announced yesterday. Apparently they're manufacturing some sort of new choke device? Any insight? :)

Incorrect. I choose not to elaborate.


Great thinking. I hear the METS (NASDAQ OTC: $0.88) are developing a choking device and a champagne disintegrater.
Banner day when that Retard Herb greenburg are on the same page.
Except that as the battery on my cell goes dead because I checked the directions to my destination twice.
Mistakenly assuming that the only use for GPS is Tubby assholes and their wives in cars navigating to BBQ's, Not the million recreational applications that GRMN is Coining money off of. Tons of which your out of cell phone range for.... 2 years out from any threat from cell phones to GRMN.
Definitely sell this panic, Fly on the Street Greenburg

Is LAZ based in China or something? Do they sell solar shit on the side? WTF?

Fly, have you noticed WWAT today? Why will you not recognize their acheivements? Its a great company with a lot of promise on the horizon. This is the last time I will bother you about it. GL. P.S. Congrats on NTRI. DW
Hey lori, I've noticed your plays, haven't really gone for them yet, just trying to see your track record develop.

What's next? WWAT still a buy?
Lori sounds like JJ, but with better stock picks.
SIRF pogo-sticking off the NOK news and GRMN price action.

Btw, those stupid Finnish people at NOK must have brain-freeze to pay $7.65 B for Navteq.
SIRF looks ok here.

I agree. NOK paid too much.
My name is Danny, but thats not important, just using a different id. Just following a bunch of bb's and small stuff. Followed ABAT since March-April. Been watching WWAT since 2005. Didn't do much to impress until the stock became much more stable as of the beginning of the year, thanks in large part to David Gelbaum, who has purchased a bunch. The company is slow with getting some things done, like the ENTECH aquisition, but is bagging some good deals. First, the fresno airport, first of its kind, then Denver here. Others will follow I think. Spain will be huge if they get it. The CEO spoke before the US House a week ago on tax breaks for small companies and talked like it was about in the bag. The threats? They want to dilute to grow. They have to in order to acquire entech. The sector is unbeatable, water and solar. Please do some DD, I would love to hear some thoughts. Another recent find is GLOB, what do you think? Thanks, Danny.
Are you gonna comment on the Busineess 2.0 article? Is is true that plug-in version will arrive at the end of the year?
By the way METS suck ass. Go Phillies.

When does LAZ report? Can't find the info on Yahoo.


Not sure. Not worried.


From what I hear, the ROV will be launched in about 1-2 weeks, which will help reduce the companies burn.

The device will retail for $150, compared to MOT's $400.

As far as PICOP goes, the company is scheduled to launch a stand alone version in the 4th qt of 2008.
XFML is back in "kung pao" mode today.

Their subprime rates to finance rickshaws and bicycles must be the most competitive in China.
Danny/Lori -

Change your tagname to whatever you can get close enough but that does not conflict with our Danny.

The whiny chick plaints are not helped by your current nick.

Still long SRS, short LAZ-arus of Judea?

Degenerate Chinese gambling in the form of MPEL is going like a late seventies Hong Kong kung-fu movie fight scene.
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