Tuesday, October 02, 2007


SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Woodshedder and his people

No wonder us Yankees kicked your ass in the Civil War.

Shit man, I told you not to post my private info.

At least give me a link-whore for disparaging my peeps.
git-er-done...for god.

"Some is queer."


Checkout at about 0:57, where they are showing the toilet seat horshoes competition. Isn't that "Bobby" from the Sopranos?
As a resident of one of the south's poorest and least educated states, I can affirm that we are stereotypically poor, dumb, and redneck.

But our women are of much higher quality than any exhaust-sucking, I-95 swank you Yanks can find.

I know of yer wimmens, of higher quality, who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
stocks like BIDU are the reason I can't kick my gambling habit.

How can I keep watching it go up 200 points over the last few months without making a dime on it and not blow a few grand playing roulette in Vegas?
SEC is filled w. good lookin' wimmens.

In fact, Ole Miss -- a school from a state even poorer and worse off than Razorback's -- might have the best of 'em.
Jake - as an alum of Ole Miss, undergrad and med-school, thanks for the compliment. We red-shirt miss america's........not many places compare to the poonfest that is the Grove on Saturday's.

Enjoyed the clip.....
I went to a Mississippi State-Alabama game in Starkville a couple of years ago and the Miss. people are nicer than the Fl. crowd.
I hear Mgnolia Grove at Ole Miss. is nuts on a Sat. football gameday.
that there's my home town...beautiful ain't she...
Starkville? Love to eat Q at Little Deweys.
Oxford is awesome. Great town, wouldn't mind living there.
I'd rather live in Long Island..or on Long Island.

TC- the Gators took a little of the luster off of the big game this week. SEC is the best conference this year.
Lawn Guyland sucks.

Take it from a native.
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