Friday, October 05, 2007


Stock Spammers from the 1800's

This is an article published in the Brooklyn Eagle, April of 1894. The text of the article is outright criminal. However, as you know, fuckers from back then didn't give a fuck.

Somethings never change.

Ahhh, the pre-regulatory days.

When mustaches were twice as big, and punched off four times as fast.

If anyone wants to read a real slice of history (including a good dollop of the hilariously arcane language they used back then), then "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Edwin Lefevre (Jesse Livermore's autobio) is a must read.

A great trading guide as well.

That book fucking sucked.

The person who wrote that shit must have had a 5th grade education.

Terribly written.

Cramer's first book was one of the best "in the trench" books ever written.
Nah, that's just the way they wrote in the twenties.


Now granted, it wasn't Wm. Somerset Maugham or E.M. Forster, but it gives one a great "feel" for the trading markets of the day. Personally, I enjoyed it just for the language.

I'd be hard pressed to pick up anything written by a television nutball, but perhaps I'm being overcritical.
Reminiscences is entertaining but overrated.
Overrated as a trading bible maybe, but not as an entertainment.

What recommendations do you have, if any?
"Ugly Americans" Now there is a good book based on true events but reads like a movie plot.
Hey fly if you want to make damagens from NTRI, buy some HNR and ALGN. Did you ever look into ALGN, you are missing out big time.
Yeah Jake, that's what I meant.

Personally, I liked:

"How to Make Money in Stocks." by William O'neil


"Come into my trading room." by Dr. Elder
Fly, did you make up the NTRI loss yet with RIMM? You should be close!
Maybe jj is a lot older than we think.
people ... give me some Taiwan ADR's please?
DLSL - Deli Solar fm CHINA

I kid you not ... you get burritos with the purchase of a solar unit
Bruce - was it you who threw out CREG yesterday at $1? I stupidly bought some for kicks and dumped it this morning at $1.5. Burrito supreme for you, on me! Muchas Gracias.

Gun to head pick please. I need to find a really good large cap story right now.
Good books are : Stock Market Wizards, Elder's Trading for a Living, Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in a Bull and Bear Market, Trader Vic's Principles of Professional Speculation.
that was me Mule .. nice trade !
Books are history...they don't have a time machine to tell the future.

Thus, the best read of all time is
Caddy, fuck off. I want the milk for free.
Oxy, I was born old, as my mother tells me.

But I'm still working on my fourth decade.

I think they had a show about that one time. Very Clintonish.
Holy crap, parody becomes reality.

When I pull up the actual names for CREG and DLSL I am pulled directly into a humorous Fly post.

What the hell is going on in that there China?
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