Monday, October 22, 2007


Thank "The Fly" here

As you know, the market was well on its way to crashing this morning, if it were not for my 'late night feast,' where I consumed massive amounts of oatmeal.

Now, some of you may be tempted to say "fuck you, MVIS is down," or "nice call on XFML-- top ticking cocksucker." However, those comments, and others, will be promptly deleted, as if they never existed.

Look you, the Turks and the Kurds have a ceasefire!

May the world rejoice, via much higher stock prices.

NOTE: "The Fly" had already consumed 3 Monster Energy Soda's at the time of this post.

Thanks Fly. So what are you doing with XFML - have you bought more this morning at $6.80 or holding tight for now?

I got stopped back out of NED Friday late. Any thoughts?
quick alert: switching from java back to beer.

Long NED at 17.88 for a bounce.
Just picked up some more STeVe to add to my SLW from this morning.

Two things I was pretty sure of this morning have been proven true:

1) SLW is a lot higher than where I purchased it.

2) New poster "Steve" the troll is a shit-mustachioed fuckwit.
Your words cut me to the core, Jake.

Wait, no they don't.

Fucking relax will ya? If I had known you were as thin-skinned as my little sister I wouldn't have said anything, jesus.
Oh, and I'm not new. I had a little bet with Crude Broker a while back with the DOW. Get a clue.
And you won!!! Imagine that. However, it bounced right the fuck back up to 14,000. You da man.
That's right. I am the man. That was fun. Want to do it again Crude?
Sorry, "intermittant poster/asshat Steve the troll..." blah, blah, yada yada mustachioed, etc.
MVIS and AEO dating.

Gay Decorator

Catch Jim Norton's HBO special very funny.
fuck you, MVIS is down

(cut-and-paste posting is such a convenience!!!)
Apology accepted Jake. However, your delivery could use a little work.
Whatever, I have more bad news. Bob Dylan did a Cadillac ad.

Any red blooded American knows that this is a sure sign of Armageddon.



Let me tell you something, Old Man Zimmerman has been all about the Benjamins for decades now.

He's a smart guy, and, if you believe my friend who works for him -- a conservative!

For the record, I have no problems with conservatives. I have huge problems with neo-cons and those who insert religion into politics.

Still, whatever his political leanings, why would he do an advert for Cadillac? I'm just at a loss. Does he really need more Benjamin's?

Maybe he likes Cadillacs, I dunno.

Shit, does Tiger Woods need another G-5? Doesn't stop him from piling on as many endorsement deals as he can fit into his busy money coining schedule.

FYI "neoCons" is a term used by liberals who don't know what the fack they're talking about.

Unless you are talking about Norman Podhoretz, then I apologize.
you guys are gay
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