Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Thirsty for some Magic?

"Crushed, crushed in these guns!"
How is this guy not as rich as Gates yet? Clearly he needs me as a business manager. This skill should be able to rake in the dollars from frat boys all around the country.

Do you still hold a position in MATH?
"This is much bigger than you might think"

What else do you see about this MVIS deal.
Can you explaing what makes you say this is bigger than we may think.

Chris looking for MVIS

Because the press release is opaque and doesn't give a name.

My hunch says it's Samsung. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see one more OEM deal, by year end. My guess on that is LG.

The product is on its way to commercialization. If the street was pricing in commercialization, the stock would be $10.
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I think now, after a few phone calls it makes since to own CVI. Their CEO is Jack Lipinski, father of the 1998 Winter Olympics gold winner Tara Lipinski. Why in the fuck would you not own it?
That David Blane video is good, but this one is way better.

Or at least funnier.




Hey why is it that we get so little detail on the partnerships broker? Is it due to the non-exclusive deals? If so that is good for us but tough on the stock.
Guess update: Toshiba
broker, what made you change your guess?

You did.
explain why Toshiba would help develop this and then offer it to competing companies?

I thought so... I help out any way I can...

whats beeen going on with the rupee, since you mentioned it. I think those 3 stocks have done pretty well since you mentioned them.

did you end up buying that day?
I own CTSH.
Forgot if i mentioned Foxconn merged with Premier Image Technology.



still not a believer?
And one more cuz the horse aint quite dead...

Foxconn merged with Premier for it's MEMS expertise?
I think that's the kicker-

Foxconn: Technology motivation for Premier Image merger

DIGITIMES [Wednesday 21 June 2006]

Foxconn Electronics acquisition of Premier Image Technology, the largest maker of digital cameras in Taiwan, was motivated by Premier's opto-electronic and MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-system) EMS (electronics manufacturing services) business operation, according to Foxconn spokesman Edmund Ding.

Premier Image, which produces digital cameras, compact camera modules (CCMs) used in cell phones, projectors and optical devices such as optical lens kits, is one of only a few Taiwan-based manufacturers that have integrated technology in the opto-electronic and MEMS areas, Ding pointed out.

Premier Image's technology complements Foxconn's cost advantages in making molds, procuring components/materials, manufacturing and shipping products, Ding indicated. Premier Image's CCM production can strengthen Altus Technology, Foxconn's subsidiary maker of CCMs and related components, while digital cameras, projectors and optical devices will add new product lines to Foxconn, Ding noted.

Premier Image revealed the merger plan to its clients before a public announcement of the merger on June 20 and received positive responses, the company indicated. All of its 780 employees in Taiwan and about 10,000 in Foshan, southern China, will be shifted to Foxconn, Premier Image noted.

The merger will not substantially affect business operations this year for Altek, Ability Enterprise and Asia Optical, three other leading makers of digital cameras in Taiwan, but whether there will be impact in subsequent years remains to be seen, according to industry sources.

I also liked the use of the term "accelerate' in the PR. They could have easily left it out. To me that means BEFORE originally stated...

Fly is right, this fucker should be trading at $10.

Hopefully Tokman will add as much color as possible before CC-it was a good time for this announcement, and maybe they are making an effort to manage the S/P a little.
Good points. But if it is some one like Foxconn, then why would they not want their name announced. As far as they are concerened there is very little competition for them. It would seem some OEMs don't want their names announced because of extreme competition but why would manufacturer would care.
May be there is some real news that has not been announced. I don't think this was signed long time ago and AT just released. If any thing AT just finalized which CE mfg. they are gonna go with out of 3 or 4. I think real news is still yet to come out.
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