Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This man wants his share of the Billions being made on the internet

16:45 IIG Imergent: Steven Mihaylo discloses 17.8% stake in SC 13G/A, up from 10% previously (22.14 -0.04)

Odd no?

Here is a profile of your boy Mihaylo.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wrong link...

Anyway, I'm hosting a personality test.

Come take it so we know how fucked up you really are.

I know... I know... my blog is gay.

It's obvious Mihaylo has seen the Glengary leads.
Cap, that bio reads as if it were written by an ESL dicktwist like Mystikal, but I gotta give Mihaylo big kudos for being so heavily involved in Junior Achievement.

Quite possibly one of the most important youth services volunteer organizations in the country. Everyone should give some of their time to them.
Everyone should donate to the 'MVIS to $20 cause.' It's for a good cause.
The other big IIG holder to keep an eye on is Goldman Capital Mgt. Owns 15% of IIG and continues to add. Neil Goldman is one sharp stock picker. Over 17% of his funds assets are in IIG.
doesn't asia know the great USofA's earnings sucked tonight? guess not - up across the board

no respect, I tell ya .. there once was a time when we could trigger a global selloff on bad earnings, now noone cares

where did we go wrong?
Futures taking a shit as I type. Not sure what is driving it - crude is down a tad, Asia is strong, Yen isn't doing anything and gold is flat. Did Bush just punch the mustache off those Kurds fucking with Turkey? Don't those Turds know that we like Turkey the closer we get to November?
Market rattled as brokerage giant takes a higher-than-expected $7.9 billion write-down.
Got a buddy on the fixed income trading floor at MER. He is lying so low the janitorial staff thought he was a carpet stain this morning.

My opinion, Stan O'Neal's Merrill is starting to look like Paris at the end of the French Revolution, when they came after Robespiere himself.
f the futures ... have a few drinks, chase them with a few shots, a few tokes-man & buy the dip

like someone said yesterday, this is a market for blind drunk alchyies
there was a possible mm bluff print of 7.48 for XFML .. could be to sucker buyers in .. possible stock for sale alert
Fucking Morgan Keenan cuts BWLD
suck me sideways


this be mvis when iphone v2.0 comes...
Shed... Morgan Keegan? The Memphis firm?

How much weight do they carry in the name?
I don't know Jake. Fly will chime in, I'm sure. Cut to Market Perform.
Pre-market futures losses halved, with eight minutes to open.
I had my order filled at 38.70. Fuckers. I think this will run back up into earnings.
Yeah I'm sure bwld will recover. But wtf is with the analyst? This is bwld's best time of year, and he cuts now, at $40?
you beat me shed .. i got some at 38.8
cynical me says a big client of mk was short bwld & needed to cover ... or they wanted to get long the name at a good price

never trust these fuckers
you guys aren't drinking enough .. have a few more shots & put in a few more buy orders
Fuck that guy- I ate there and liked it- good place for the middle class to eat shitty food watch sports and get plowed. Those Ohio #'s have to be good.
glow worm getting pummeled. Couple more pts that a buy.
Good thing MVIS is back to normal. I'd hate for it to break out of its comfort zone of lower highs and lower lows.
XFML don't look too healthy..just sayin
Broker how fucking bad is it out there today? We are fucked without a rate cut.
Shedder: It'd be really funny if it weren't so sad.
MER just reached an ugly level on its monthly graph.


*this will lighten it up.

Jake, Danny and Mr. Dinosaur..

you were calling Mr. Cartoon land last night?

You rookies...learn how to trade and gauge the markets before opening your mouths next time.

I said we are going down major BIG time today, and we are...

you just got punked, and looking for a change of diapers. Mommy is not here to help.
hey Bruce, you keeping BIDU through earnings?
"I said we are going down major BIG time today, and we are..."

We are down 1% on the Dow, less than 2% on the Naz and 1.3 on the S&P. I consider BIG atleast 3% on each index.

We are close to all time highs and we get a little pullback and everyone wets their pants. Thats why you need some dry ammo. Market goes down, pick up some good names at a discount. HANS NYX looking good today.
kmorph .. i added today at 335
but what do i know?

anyways, my guess, we bottom out by tomorrow for a thanksgiving run

but that will be it ... no x-mas

call me old & bitter but thats my prediction & i'm sticking to it .. (subject to change & revision)
Not having a BIG down day?

MER getting wacked (even a S&P) downgrade.

If SPX breaks 1490, next support is 1477.

You realize we are now BELOW where we were when the fed cut?

Rookies, panzies, getting punked from your long positions.
the fed has one bullett left ... they'll use it, it will rally the market & then it will all crumble

one rally left, then get out of dodge
xfml is finished, open up the casket and toss the fucker in.
Stil lthink we are not having a BIG down day?

I write it here first - we will hit -320 at some point today on the DOW and -95 on the NAZ.
mys- I hope your banking some dough today with that information-- I think the Mr.A said we were doomed yesterday as well. Do you think anything looks cheap?
Louise Yamada recently used squiggly lines on a graph to adivse Fast Money viewers to get into BRCM.

Clearly worthy of a Lifetime Achievement in Asshattery Award.

She said to get in she just didn't tell us when.
I am staying 100% cash right here. Waiting for a nice gapdown either tommorow or on Friday.

Why try to pick a bottom?

Just don't like the big experts here that swing alot with their tongues but never honest.

I could be saying that I am short MER from 66 or NOV from 77. But I am not.

Just being honest doesnt hurt sometime.

I'm short MER and pretty happy right now.

Meanwhile, you're a cartoon living in a cartoon land trading cartoon stocks while large anvils periodically land on your big, dumb, fat head.

Does anybody smell a reversal? Or am I just dreaming?
You are dreaming.
Mystik Dicktwist --

I'm on a 3% drawdown, loser. Take a look at the precious metal group, which I'm scarfing right now.

You can continue to scrabble for your pennies now, and call me at Christmas.
That's 3% with leverage, Soros.
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