Monday, October 22, 2007


Thoughts on AAPL

I'd rather play with a stick of dynamite, in the middle of Malibu, than buy APPL ahead of earnings.

I'm up almost 100 points, on AAPL, and have little interest in playing the "fuck you, you're dead" game.

However, if I was going to be a degenerate OTB guy, I'd short SNCR (AAPL derivitive play), and go long AAPL.

I am going to clock that Bartiromo bitch.
BOOM looking good!
every now & then, I must say kudos to your way with words

special talent

ok, enuf blowing smoke up your crack ... back to the markets
I got a gut feeling AAPL will not meet estimate
AAPL will meet .. they'll beat easy & do their usual conservative guidance dance which noone will believe. I'd buy it if they get hit on guidance.
They'll beat their own but will they beat the analysts? That is the question.
Yeah I don't think they'll beat analysts is what I meant, I hope they do because I own some shares, but I long AAPL anyways.
AAPL stick o' dynamite just blew up, showered onlookers with Benjamins from the sky.
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