Monday, October 22, 2007


Time Machine Special: Fuck You Shorts; You're Dead

Tomorrow you die.

Odd no?

NOTE: Coming Soon- 'Fuck you; you're dead' funeral cards.

A little shout out to the fucking yen for manning up and rolling over as we needed. We had the triple whammy today folks: (1) weak crude, (2) weak gold, and (3) a weakening yen - just couldn't punch through and stay above the 61.8% retracement last night. Yen now is in the death zone - weakness in the upcoming day is golden for the market. Crude looks to be correcting, the dollar is strengthening a bit (for now). Gold cannot get traction when crude is weak and the dollar is waking up from its comatose state. So, Fly I agree - fucking shorts may need to run for cover. I say "meay" because V reversals are rare.

Answer my email you stupid fuck.
Friday night its 'nice knowing you' & tonight 'Fuck You Shorts; You're Dead
Tomorrow you die.'

Fly's theme song
Maybe you need to contact the military... I remember in Apocolypse now they "carded" the dead guys. "Fuck you; you're dead" seems like an appropriate thing to say to a dead guy.

Fuck you, you're dead funeral cards.

Perfect idea for a wake.

Inoffensive to the already moldering, they make a perfect humor interlude to break up the stuffy wake that's provided insufficient alcohol for the visiting bereaved.

Tip: If it's gonna be a wake, make it Irish.
"In closing, it probably makes sense to invest as ignorant as possible--just buying shit for fun, while drunk. I mean, investing indiscriminately, while drunk, has worked for years."

Thats how I make my money.
^^I usually start my day with a scotch and soda.
Make mine Glenlivet.
Big surprise coming.


I will wait up.
RC, I've been known to enjoy a nice 18 year old.

This is the surprise:

Fly Sell: MVIS
I sold 500,000 MVIS.

That would be great; hilarity would ensue. This place would descend into a shitstorm.
no surprises tonight.

I can't take the suspense.
"Broker A takes 10% position in CWTR"
Could it be....

MOT buys MVIS for $13/share
non-stock related.

Odd no?
You won blogger of the year?
You are giving up rib-eye for New York cut?
Up late tonight packing up important documents, things for the kids and cat, camping gear, radio...waiting to hear if we will be joining the hundreds of thousands already told to evacuate their homes in San Diego County.

If the Fly could surprise us with zero winds and a drenching rain overnight, I would have to admit that Fly is God. was bought out by Yahoo in order to compete with Google.


Your will shut down your blog in order to sell MVIS, so you won't hear shit from anybody-- that has to be it.

Your use of that, Odd no?, fuck'n KILLS ME!
Microvision Enters Development Agreement with Asian Consumer Electronics Manufacturer to Create Accessory Pico Projector for Mobile Phones and Other Devices

Date: 10/23/2007 6:30:00 AM
You're removing Ragin from your blogroll?

mvis - the new china play
I guess its time for me to switch my retirement back to MVIS fm SWC/PAL.
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