Saturday, October 27, 2007


Weekend Threat

All of you third tier bloggers, which includes every other blog but this one, are hereby put on notice.

But you already knew that, didn't you?

Off to my local liquor store.

"You're on fuckin notice John!"

"Don't make a fuckin maniac outta me"
40 oz to FREEDOM!

BOTD added to the left of the FLY site! halla!

tier 3 pride
Very crickety here over the last couple o' weekends.

You ought to set your pride aside and let Boom entertain us w. some warm biscuits and voodoo dreamin'.

Or barring that, let Danny put off doing his T-entries for a couple of hours.

While you're at the Liquor Mart, pick me up a bottle of Woodford, Woodja?
Jake, I think you should weekend blog. You could mix your neocon political agenda with your stock picking prowess, what could be better? And throw in some religion for good measure - you know, something to offend everyone.

Burn the house down.
lot of ppl attribute friday's late rally to the fed/gov pumping money into the 3 major indices
I think I'm gonna start a 3rd tier blog called
i'd love to hear from jake
Boomer, you have the hot hand .. take the reins
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When does YHOO get a BIDU multiple?
I'll dream about it tonight and tell you in the morning.
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When are you going to work Camron-Killa Cam into one of these posts?? How about when MSCS gets taken out by SAP come Monday?
deanna is a hotty, i got a pic of her naked... videos too
Sorry Bruce, my sect does not allow weekend blogging.

In fact, I'm due a half an hour of self-cat-o-nine-tailing just for this post alone.


(atheist looptard)
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Colts or Patriots

My money is on the Colts.
Well I'm a Hoosier so naturally I'm long the ponies.
Fuck all the weekend wannabees and the naysayers and chicken littles. Mr. Market is about to lay a real fucked-up bone-crushing hurting on the 3 amigos of the sub-prime scare - Kass, Fleckie, and Herbie. I'll light my next Cohiba off of their flaming corpses.
don't get too carried away on overnight futures there Harold. Not that they won't hold, but you never know ... however seasonality is positive for the next week.

and Herbie doesn't invest except in mutual funds. and Kass & Fleck are survivors & know quite well how to survive sharp rallies, not that they enjoy them.
Fuck you Bruce.

Tomorrow you and your old friends meet your maker.
Bruce doesn't believe in a Maker.

Save maybe Maker's Mark.


I hope you all got some gold and silver like a I toldja.

Enjoy the parabola, I'm off to whip myself into a gnostic trance again.
My life would not be complete without the often or occasional fuck you or fuck off from Broker A.

Hey Broker A: I hope we all meet the maker, as I am looong up the wazoo.

I was saying we'd bottom out midweek last week & then we'd rally thru turkey day, & that is how I positioned myself. Not that I don't have a few entertainment hedges & shitty stocks for the evil Fly trade.

Jake: What the hell would me or you know about any maker except for what has been shoved down our throats from those using the God-theory to get what they want from this world & their fellow humans?

Long gold, silver & fucking parradium stocks !
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