Friday, October 26, 2007


"You must have been something before electricity"

"You wanna make $14 the hard way?"
Fly, what do you think about a separate post designed to get us fucktards to put together a list of companies directly benefitting from 2008 Olympics.

Yes, FMCN, SINA, CTRP, BIDU are all on it. But I bet there are tons of other undiscovered chinese companies that will skyrocket. Chinese Starbucks? Garbage collection? Wireless ISPs that allow you to buy internet access by connecting to any access point? Smaller hotel chains?

I bet we can come up with at least something that's not yet general public knowledge.
I'll get to that.

Good idea.
How about the wireless sector. I mean its not like your VZ service will work there will it?

So if you are a tourist or 1 of the 1000s of media douchebags and you have to stay connected to your buddies, what will you do?

Could be worth a look.
I'm sure Ping Pong and Mens Gymnastics are going to send numerous Chinese companies on a BIDU tear.

Are there any weight loss programs over there. Hmmm -look at Pepsi and Mickey D doing the job - can you say a billion Fat Fuckers
Hsu says chinese are lining up outside the doors of KFC for the colonel tasty 7 spices fried sushi. No shit. They love the place. gotta be tons of them around the olympic stadium. Stock is YUM.
Don't forget CHL for the wireless.
If you fry sushi, can you still call it sushi?


If you fly sushi, can you stir car it sushi?
Parts is Parts
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