Sunday, November 11, 2007



China has had a lot of press recently. Their stock market is going parabolic. Warren Buffett has recently sold out of PTR citing valuations.

Everyone pretty much accepts that at some point the market will become a debacle with all and sundry running for the exits. It is also true however that the market may have much further to rise before the dénouement actually takes place.


It certainly provides some food for thought.

Yawn. Like Jake, I missed Ducati the first time around. At least JJ puts a stake in the ground and you have to react to his insanity. This guy just spins circles.

This is just lame. BTW - I think I saw this chart on Billcara or seekingalpha six months ago.

It's all bathos...maybe auxesis.

Back to football.
Much asshattery present. What's up with the hieroglyphics?
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