Thursday, November 08, 2007


Christmas Comes Early?

Let's consider a few things, as stocks try to kill me:

The market is operated by fucktards, who have tanned their brains to the point where all they like is solar stocks.

Large financial institutions are pissed on, discarded for dead.

Tech stocks are now receiving the "homo-hammer" of death, via John Chambers.


We're going into an election year. No fucking way does this slippery slope get greased up, prior to the election.

So, understand there are greater powers out there, very conspiratorial, who want status quo; I'm calling a short term, tradeable, bottom.

Just like that.

Back to my whiskey bottle.

good call
The whiskey or the call?
HURC. Great comp. Grossly oversold. I am buying at market
Do they let it lift until around 3:30 then sell it hard into the close?

Your Mother is a goat whore.
"homo-hammer" of death, via John Chambers.

You can't quit!!!
Fly -

It dawned on me while preparing a non-fluoridated water in preparation for heading to the market...

that only an external force could cause the fly to announce his departure. Was it the day you were raking the yard, when you were forced to 'show that you care' in the hizzle-hold, when you were dreaming about cheap Mexican labor?

"The Fly" likes his water with extra fluoride.
Sptizer, back to wallstreet...must be the family holdings!
me, fell shame,selling xlf and company when we all knew the fed will save the banks again, just never guessed the gov sptiz would lead the charge and light the fuse

Fuck off.

All of your comments will be burned in hell.
Fluck you Fry . U fluckin balstad !

Everytime you call a bottom the market craters another 500 points. This is bullshit. Its all your fault. Ever since you started mentioning that you were going to quit blogging the market has fallen apart. You are an evil machine sent back in time to destroy our portfolios. Thats what you are !!!
That may explain some recent phenomena. You will be missed, but I am still not accepting this as the end, as a triumphant return of the fly is near...
I was made to destroy the internet investor class.

I'm calling a bottom, again!
capgame is right .. ever since you announced your retirement from entertaining us nettards, the market has gone to hell in a siv

all your fault
margin calls coming this afternoon FLY...if you have a sack, no matter how small, step up...the butta boys will shower us with it a going away gift.
I'm going out again ; when I return this time, I expect to see nazz up 96
It's on auto-delete, retard.
Anybody familiar with current numbers on how big the credit default swap derivative market is?

I had seen somewhere about $34 TRILLION(?).

Banks are exposed with their pants down and bending over, if that is the case. All we need is a recession and we'll have a perfect storm.
I love perfect storms.
my mystical iPod is talking again:

have a little faith in me - john hiatt

turn turn turn - the byrds

shelter from the storm - bob dylan

waiting on the light to change - Matthew Perryman Jones (buy this guys music)

the lifting - REM

turn it on again - genesis

just what i needed - the cars

ooh la la - glodfrapp

dont stop till you get enough - michael jackson

i wont back down - tom petty

My iPod says stay long
Actually, I think your ipod was positioned short.
I feel like I just robbed somebody blind, buying RIMM @ 117
Fly, any shotgun to the head picks in case we don't implode completely?
crystal ball - keane

now im just fast forwarding...

i wont hold you back - toto

cant fight this feeling - reo speedwagon (thats on my ipod?!)

promises promises - naked eyes (wtf?)

carry that weight - beatles

whenever god shines his light - van morrison

missed my chance - griffin house

invincible - pat benetar (sorry, must be my wife loading this)
i know why you're shutting down, it's the bottle you owe me for the $10 before $25 bet on cors. in addition, our $5 before $15 bet looks like it will make you the biggest loser on your own site. you can shut down, you can hide, but you owe me mf, and i WILL hunt you down.

love & kisses,

"Ragin' Cajun said...
I feel like I just robbed somebody blind, buying RIMM @ 117"

Ragin, I'm sure someone feels like they robbed you blind getting you to buy RIMM @ 117. If this shit continues no price will be cheap enough for RIMM and any high flying momo stocks - think AAPL GOOG AMZN SPWR FSLR GRMN .

I thought I robbed someone blind buying CROX at $42.
7 points lower and I feel like the blind fool that got robbed.

Thats the problem with this type of market. Is this just bottoming action or is this just the start of something bigger. Thats what scares the hell out of me. Someone mentioned CSCO going from $80 in 2000 to $8 a few years later. Lets hope RIMM doesn't share the same fate.
I agree. THe people who control the money supply and the markets will prop this thing up. Calling a bottom is anyone's guess.
I've gone to video as my iPod seems to be short.

Enjoy this kicking concert.
Strange- KRE which is the regional bank ETF has been up all day. Not all financials were created equally.
PS Just don't tell Cuomo about the KRE. He'll want to subpoena them all.
nncoco--The market is always the final judge, no matter what amount of "propping up" the lever pullers do. Price controls taught us that history lesson.
No superstitious pictures of gay yellow cows?
I love it when the average internet investor starts talking about OTC credit default derivative swaps! I have been waiting for this moment for over 3 years. Yes, that # is being published by the Us treas. This is only for US listed companies though, not world wide. A recession is a given and will cause a financial "White Squall", unprecedented in modern times. Viz!

As you know, there is no such thing as a "White Squall."

Only fucktards believe in shit like that.
Housing is already in a recession. Granted, a U.S. consumer recession is in the cards, but not a foregone conclusion, IMO.
Who wanted BIDU at 350???
BIDrU? That would be jake's realm, I believe.
White Squall coming.... "Where we go one we go all!" Put this clip up on your blog now!! I order you as you lost your bet in gold!! DO IT!!!!
I just got some BOOM, Boom.

You like Hoke to my Miss Daisy.

You mah bes' frien, Hoke.


Gaps&Yaps, if you are not BrokerA, you are his evil twin.

Jeez, I'm gonna start calling you Gaps&Broken Backs.
Here's where that useless liberal arts degree comes in handy.

Today is very much like Flannery O'Connor's A Good Man is Hard to Find.

The Misfit is the market, and he's slowly walking us off into the forest to cap us in the back o' the head.

BA LeFly is the Grandmother.
Over a billion shares of C have traded in 6 days, then we get an intraday reversal at 1:00pm.

Selling finally done? Capitulation?

Fuck it. It's only money. I'm buying.
Famous Line about the Grandmother in A Good Man is Hard to Find:

"She would of been a good woman," The Misfit said, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life."

Full story in link.
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