Friday, November 09, 2007


Closing Comments: Wrong Again!

Oh boy, worst case scenario of a close.

Ironically, remember to tune in for "The Fly's" funeral, live on Monday, at 10:00am.

However, before that, be sure to visit this weekend. I have a special guest weekend blogger, scheduled to muck things up a bit.

As for today:

The financials did well, while tech sucked balls.

The downward momentum is staggering, and the margin calls are piling in.

Unfortunately, because of this close, we are set up for a swift thrashing Monday morning--around 10:00am.


In closing, "The Fly" has like two stocks worth looking at, as of now: WBD and CLX.

We're entirely fucked. Enjoy the weekend.

NOTE: Stocks are for asshats.


ever since you announced your retirement, this market has gone down the drain

last flush 10am monday morning before one of those wicked bear market rallies

odd no?
I went short for the first time since March today.

I feel so dirty, but I can't stop myself.

I might even short Razarus.

Odd, no?
So what's the name of the new blog?

In light of recent market events, and in keeping with the previous blog's cultural meme, I'm going to suggest another WWF-type name:

The Undertaker!

Welcome to the darkside. I shorted that LAZy deadbeat at 46.09.

I'm betting some bad news cookin' in the stew over the weekend.

Good (bad) times.
good bye dollar

hello Amero
Fly help us.
Fly, still hoping you pull a fast one and admit you are moving somewhere instead of quitting. Life will be just a bit more boring w/o you. c u monday anyway...

This comment has been removed by the author.
What are we beholding?
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stocks are for fucktards. I would have shorted USD/JPY @ 120 if your blog hadn't led me astray.

Set your time machine on fire and consult your friendly neighborhood psychic witch, fucker.
Fly you suck, fuck off.
The market sucks, you fuck off.
I will cover shorts and buy MaVIS and STeVe.

I just don't know when I'll cover. Maybe next April.
God, don't leave. I need the humorous comments, esp. on shit days like this.
The Zombie Suicide Alert Level: Red

SDTH reports 9am monday. perhaps we have some leakage? Here's hoping...
Fuck you Paul.
Paul farts and blames his dog.
I blame this whole market fiasco on the bad karma produced by the Fly deciding to quit blogging. Change your mind before it starts looking like Armageddon!
i agree w bocagirl ... its got nothing to do w housing, the dollar, oil, inflation

i'm watching krudlow & kass is reiterating his short term bullishness (w/in a bear market)

kass likes C & the brokers

Fly should have a show ; replace krudlow
who is this other jeff, internets lasers beams to you
Bruce, you just don't like Kudlow because he's a conservative and an optimist, who believes in America. Here's news-- even Cramer called your somnulent Kommisar governor's son, Cuomo, a commie. Apples don't fall far, you know?
Kudlow is an eternal optimist and of course over the last 25 years or so more money is made being a bull than a bearand betting on the strength of the USA. However, who dresses Kudlow? He dresses like a gangster from the Untouchables.
One loses one's sense of fancy when one over-hoovers the Bolivian Marching Powder.


Note: RUH-ROH, Raggy!
Jake .. I don't like kudlow , (I have nothing against him if I met him )
because he doesn't let opposing viewpoints finish their sentences, he is always pushing his personal agenda & viewpoints .

I don't know what you mean by conservative .. George Bush is hardly conservative as far as I'm concerned . and yeah, he is a dumb perma-optimist , not that one should be perma-negative.

And lets not get into what believing in America means or should mean.

What does Cuomo have to do with me? I don't even know who he is, other than Marios kid & from what I've heard hes a regular grandstanding politician shouting to close the barn door after the pigs have gone.
Mozzillo dresses Kudlow

You know I'm just bitter. Why must you go?
Bruce-Good comparison. Mozzillo and Kudlow must use the same tailor. What is up with the New York AG position? I'm not sure who is the biggest political hack-Cuomo or Spitzer.
The black bunting is set, the black suit selected. Monday will indeed be somber for the funeral of The Fly. Broker, any chance you'll be resurrected 3 days later? Please!
This clown is retired cause he's broke period!
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